It may seem on paper that our relationship is strictly photographer and client, but to me it is just so much more than that!! Each of you is just so special to me and I cherish the memories and friendships we will make. The more I shoot, the more I fall in love with this job!! 
From the beginning I have always been a detailed oriented person and a huge planner. This shines through in each of my sessions, from a wedding day, all the way to a family session. I want to make sure that everything is figured out and planned exactly how you imagined, so that on the day you can relax and just enjoy the people your are with!!

"Elegance is the only beauty that never fades."


I'll never get tired of:

Unique Details

Let each piece show who you two truly are and the special pieces of your love and story together


Sunset Photos as Husband and Wife!!

Those first photos when it is finally official, are filled with the biggest smiles and overflowing love for each other


Radiate Love and Adventure

When two people really love to be together, it shows. And I love it.

Wedding Photography

Experience / Investment

You're engaged! This is just the start of an amazing and exciting journey ahead! I am so honored that you would invite me to be part of such a special day in your life!! All I want is for you to feel so cared for and loved from the first time we chat all the way to the delivery of your gallery! I love becoming one of your friends through the process, hearing about your love story,  and getting to know all the friends and family you cherish so much. I can't wait to celebrate with you!! 
-All wedding collections include digital files and a complimentary engagement session.





Engagement Portraits

Experience / Investment

These may be my FAVORITE types of sessions! The love during this stage of life is just so unique! As you get ready for your wedding day, the idea of becoming husband and wife slowly becomes more and more real! All you have to do on the day is focus on your partner and just let the love and chemistry between you two do all the talking in the photos!!





Family Sessions

Experience / Investment

As you may have noticed, I just love my family! They are the reason I am who I am today, and so each of my families mean so much to me!! I love the unique connection each one has and the different jokes that get everyone in the group laughing! I love being a part of these moments and capturing this specific time in your life so you can always remember each year as a family!!





If you are on a tight budget, and are struggling to make it work that you can afford me, I totally understand, don't click out of this page so quickly!! If you are truly so connected to my work and feel like I could be a perfect match for your wedding day (and become great friends with you :) ), please just email me and tell me your story, I may be able to find something here or there that could be tweaked so I fit into your price range! I never want the price to be the thing that makes me miss out on such a dream client, but PLEASE don't do it just to get the best deal!!

She was flexible and kind; we received our photos very quickly and we loved the result!!!

- Amanda

Heather was so accommodating! She was a delight to work with! I am so immensely pleased with the quality of the photos. Thank you for your time and amazing talent! You made us look awesome.

"She was just added sunshine to our beautiful day."

Christine & Tim


Could never say enough good things about Heather!  The entire experience she provides is second to none. Starting with her prompt initial communication and her flexibility and enthusiasm in planning your session. Then, her creativity, patience and winning personality all give you great confidence throughout your shoot. Finally, she’ll blow you away by her generosity in time, the quality of her work and how quickly your new favorite photos are in hand! Amazing, amazing, amazing! 

"She will be one of your best decisions."



The photos are amazing!! We don't know which to choose. Thank you so much! Your work is IMPECCABLE!

"We keep talking about the great photos you took."

Barb & David



Let's get together, yeah-yeah-yeah...



Photographer, dreamer, and potato lover
Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania