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Grab at 20% discount to celebrate the launch of the workbook with me!! It's only available for a limited time, so get it before it's gone!!

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    Did you just get engaged? Are you not sure what all the steps are in the planning process and when/ how to do them? Are you nervous about missing an important step? Do you LOVE lists and checkboxes? If you answered yes to any (or all of these questions), have I got something AMAZING FOR YOU!! Hey! It's Heather!! Five years ago, before I became a wedding photographer, I was in the exact same shoes as you are in right now! Overly excited to marry the man of your dreams. Calling all your friends and family to tell them the incredible news. But also thinking about all the different pieces that have to be figured out to have the wedding of your dreams! Don't panic, I got you! I am a lover of all things lists and get so much satisfaction in putting a check through a checkbox! So, that's why I created a Wedding Planning Workbook for you! Here's what all is included:

    -A 12-16 month engagement Timeline
    -13 Chapters breaking down each portion of the planning process by months
    -Over 100 items to check off
    -Each chapter filled with interactive sheets and tons of information to help guide you through each checklist
    -Easy Step by Step Layout so you can gain time back to enjoy with your fiancé during this season of life!
    -Extra Note pages at the end of each chapter so you can keep all your thoughts in one book
    -Interactive buttons to keep it on your computer or print it out and have it physically
    -Filled with beautiful detail images to give you ideas as you plan your day

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    Questions? Email us at heatherml514@gmail.com


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    BRIDES: Did you just get engaged? Are you panicked about what to do first, and at each month of your engagement? Here's your guarantee that you will be organized and on top of everything throughout your engagement as you prepare for your WEDDING DAY!! So that you can enjoy this season of your relationship! Download your FREE WEDDING PLANNING CHECKLIST right now!!


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