Wedding Inquiry Sheet




Ever finish your call with a potential client and think, "Man, how did they say they met?" Or, "What did he say he does for a living?" I'm giving you my exact inquiry sheet I use to keep track of all the details my couples tell me during our initial chat!

There are TONS of photographers who finish up a client chat on Cloud 9, and then instantly realize that they can't remember all the details the couple shared. They try to quickly write everything afterwards, but details are missing. Or they realized they forgot to ask an important question in regards to their wedding. Either way, the only thing they can do is reach out to the couple with another email right away! 

No wonder you are nervous at the initial call to make sure you are paying attention to everything they say!! Potentially missing that important connection you want to create. Well..... I have good news! 

I’m so excited to share my Wedding Inquiry Sheet with you!! It is an easy to print PDF that allows you to not only jot down the special moments of their relationship, but also note what they are looking for on their wedding day. Because you deserve to feel confident during each of your initial chats with potential couples, so that you can create an experience that makes them feel like they are your only couple.

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