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Elegantly Rustic Fall Wedding at Folino Estates in Kutztown, PA

Sep 27, 2018

As the last bridesmaid comes down the aisle, all heads turn and wait anxiously. A smile slowly creeps on Mike’s face as he patiently waits for his soon-to-be wife walk out of the venue doors. All goes quiet, as you see her dress start to appear. Their friends and family, that they have grown up with and learned from, slowly rise and eyes begin to fill with happy tears. Kristy and her dad elegantly make their way down the path, both looking absolutely incredible, but on this specific walk, all eyes are drawn to Kristy in her beautifully intricate gown. Even with everyone watching her, she can’t help but keep her eyes fixed on her best friend. Her fiancé. Her soon-to-be husband.

Her uncle joins Kristy and her dad to make the final walk down the aisle. Their two families have grown up together, and she wanted him to know how much he has impacted her life as well. The time comes for Kristy to be handed off to Mike, and Kristy turns to give her dad and mom one last big hug. She may be changing her last name, but she wants them to know that she will always be their little girl. She turns toward Mike as he reaches his hand to support her up the steps, just like he has done throughout all of their years of dating. The time has come, and they are finally about to be husband and wife. Laughs are had and tears are shed as the ceremony moves along, but it isn’t until Mike begins to say the vows he wrote to Kristy that not an eye in the group is dry. Even I had to clear my eyes a few times, so I could clearly see through the back of the camera to capture each special moment. He truly loves this woman, and it showed in each word he promised to her.  

Kristy and Mike, your wedding was hands-down one of my favorites this year. From every gorgeous detail to a beautiful ceremony to a party I never wanted to stop, you guys created a perfect day to celebrate your wedding day! Justin and I were so blessed to be invited to join in the celebration and capture each moment! If I looked it up in the dictionary, the definition of love is “an intense feeling of deep affection,” but to me, you two express this by constantly loving each other and always caring for the other’s needs. You two show it in the simple glance you give to each other and how you want to always share a kiss just to show the other one how much you truly are happy to spend the rest of your life with them. We wish you all the best as you start this journey together (IN EUROPE!!)! May you continue to love each other as if it were your wedding day over and over again and always reference The Office or any other movie to express how your truly feel! Sending love and big hugs to you both!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

wedding dress details

party dancing

Vendor Family:

Venue: Folino Estates

DJ: Jordan Harris with Flare Event Group

Photographers: Heather Marie Photography and Justin Shaffer

Dress: Essence of Australia from Brides and Grooms

Videographer: Dave Richardson

Hair and MakeUp: Salon 309


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