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A Great Escape | Weekend Trip to a Getaway House

Oct 24, 2019

I interrupt the regularly scheduled Vendor Spotlight post with a more relaxing recap of my past weekend. Yes, typically this week each month I highlight another incredible vendor on my blog and have them share tips as you plan your wedding day. However, if you know anything about the wedding industry, you know that this time of the year is completely insane. Between weddings to styled shoots to all other events, the fall is a very hot topic in our world.

So I thought I would insert a fun personal blog of a trip I recently went on.

Back in April, I came across an Instagram Post from someone about this thing called a Getaway House. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I definitely knew Joel and I could always use a getaway!! So I started reading about these little homes out in the woods where you can basically escape and just relax among nature!

Instantly, I fell in love.

But when I went to check their calendar for availability, the first weekend that they were free (and Joel and I were free) was not until this past weekend (third weekend of October). I started second guessing it and thinking it was too far out. But then I realized it was over Remi’s birthday, and I knew the pups would love it out in the woods for the weekend. Dogs are allowed!! So I booked the weekend!

It literally could not have come at a better time!

I am so beyond thankful I booked it because leading up to the weekend, I shot six weddings in a month and a half, volleyball club season was starting to get underway, and a big event at church that I help to run was gearing up. I was SOOO ready to just get away for the weekend and spend quality time with my husband and puppies!

We got in pretty late Friday night, so it was already dark, but the inside of the little house was so cute! We got to:

  • Cook food over the open campfire
  • Hike with the puppies in Shenandoah National Park
  • Watch the sunset in the park
  • Read a book
  • Sleep in and just start our morning off slowly (my husband even slept in later that me – which NEVER happens)
  • And just spend time outside enjoying each other’s company.

This was such a perfect trip for us!

Joel loves to be outdoors. The dogs love to be outside. Well, basically with us outside anywhere! And I just needed somewhere to get away from my computer and other screens for a little, so I could refresh and refuel before the end of my wedding season! We truly do need to listen to our bodies and take a break when it is telling us to. If we aren’t taking care of ourselves, how can we full take care of and love on our couples or kids or friends.

Take the time you need to get away.

Trust me, I struggle with this. I always feel like if I’m not doing something, I am wasting time. But recently, I have been giving myself little breaks. It lets me step away and refocus so I can come back even stronger. I highly recommend getting away somehow. Maybe it’s not to a Getaway House; maybe it’s just a walk outside during the day. Whatever makes you happy and let’s you relax.

Go do it! Make time to fit it in. You won’t be sad you did!

Enjoy some pictures from our weekend getaway in Shenandoah!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

light coming through forest Getaway House Getaway House Harry campsite at Getaway Shenandoah Getaway House Getaway Shenandoah hiking in Shenandoah National Park Overlook at Shenandoah Nation Park Getaway House hiking in Shenandoah Nation Park

Shenandoah National Park


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