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An Intimate Maternity Session at Long’s Park in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Nov 21, 2019

Fallen leaves crunched beneath their feet. Ducks slowly started to gather around. Wind carefully blew the hair away from Lauren’s face, as Adam leaned over to give her another kiss.

These two are about to become parents.

They continued to walk hand-in-hand down the path. Following the curves of the pond. Looking at each other. Smiling. I wondered what all was going through their heads? Were they overly excited? Nervous? Were they ready to go and get this family of three going? I don’t know. But I do know that either way, when their baby enters the world, they will be incredible parents. The best role models.

And the biggest supporters of that baby!

Lauren loves to run! As in, “already conquered three marathons” loves it!! You go, girl! And you know what, she is STILL running with only a few months left of her pregnancy. I need her determination! And Adam? He is a huge Eagles fan. These passions will always remain, but there will be a new person that will steal a huge chunk of their time and love! Their lives may be changing soon but in the best way possible!

And they couldn’t be more excited!

Watching Lauren’s face light up as she talks about the baby and the pregnancy will instantly put a smile on anyone’s face. She and I went to the same high school. We weren’t in the same close group of friends, but we both knew each other. We both have followed each other’s stories through social media. I couldn’t be more excited for the two of them and this bundle of joy that will soon be a big part of their lives!

From hearing their announcement to her reaching out for maternity photos, I have been so excited to watch this new journey for them begin! I know they will be amazing parents, and I can’t wait to see all the memories they create as a family of three! Lauren and Adam, I am soooo beyond happy for you two! Thank you for allowing me to capture such a special time in your lives! Enjoy your sneak peeks!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

maternity session in front of willow tree at Longs Park maternity session and guy is holding under belly and she is resting hand on top maternity session with guy behind her with arms wrapped around maternity session in front of willow tree at Longs Park couple walking in park along pond with ducks around maternity session at Longs park. Guy has hand resting on belly couple touching foreheads while walking along path duck crossing during maternity session little booties and couple nose to nose with blanket wrapped around woman holding baby shoes and her and husband holding under belly couple holding baby shoes maternity session of woman in park woman resting head on guys shoulder while holding belly maternity session and woman walking holding dress and under belly maternity session at Longs Park in Lancaster PA woman's maternity session in front of willow trees, smiling down toward belly woman looking off camera holding her belly


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