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A Gift for Her | Christmas Ideas

Dec 19, 2019

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Perfectly wrapped gifts collecting under the tree. Warm Christmas cookies being enjoyed each night. Finishing touches added to decorate the home for the season, while Christmas music softly plays in the background. Cards arriving each day from the family and friends you cherish. Giving you recaps of their 2019 and sending holiday cheer your way.

What is there not to love about this holiday season?

If you are anything like me, you have all of this completely taken care of and are just anxiously counting down the days to December 25th. Did I say how excited I was? Christmas makes me feel like such a kid again, so I try to get everything finished as early as possible, so I can just enjoy everything about the season for the rest of the month!

Since I love doing almost everything Christmas, my husband really only has two jobs.

1. Hang the exterior Christmas lights.

2. Buy a gift for me.

Simple right? Well, maybe not. He does great with the lights because I keep asking when they will be up (what can I say, I just LOVE houses all decorated for the season). But when it comes to the gift part, he is the complete opposite of me.

He is totally fine waiting until the last minute to purchase it.

As I write this post, we are six days away from Christmas, and I am pretty sure it still has not been purchased. Now he does (normally) always have it on Christmas Day, but it just stresses me out how perfectly fine he is in waiting until a few days before.
So, today I decided a blog post for the man in your life would be a great idea! Hopefully, I can help you secretively pass this along to him in case he is like my husband and still hasn’t purchased a gift for you!

Give him the idea of surprising you with a Couples Photo Session!

Not many guys love photos, so for him to surprise you with one would give him the Man of the Year award in my books. He could even surprise you with a new skirt or dress for the occasion. They are the perfect outfits to wear because they give so much movement and add a little fun in each photo. And wouldn’t you love getting a new gorgeous outfit during the holidays. I even have some of my favorites linked below so all he has to do is read this blog, click the button, and boom, his purchase is good-to-go!

Now, I know you may be thinking, well there isn’t enough time to do all of this in just SIX days. Trust me, I feel ya! But if he sets up the session awhile and gives that to you on Christmas Day, you will be fully shocked! But then, a couple days later he adds that he bought you a new outfit for the session and hands you another box. I don’t think you’ll be complaining then!

guy in corduroy jacket and girl in red dress walking across camera looking at each other

It’s like the gift that keeps on giving!!

Man, this is making me want to drop this hint to my husband! Hopefully, your man is on top of it, and he already has your gift safely secured. But if not, no worries, just send him my way, and we can get it all set up. I’ll even create a custom gift certificate for him to use as the gift for you to open! This gift will last for years to come. You’ll not only have this session to look forward to, but after the session, you will have photos to look back on for years to come to remember this very special holiday! Oh man, I am sooooo excited for you! And to hopefully chat with your man soon to get this surprise all set up.

Merry Christmas!!!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie & Remi Lou (Scroll to the bottom for one more gift idea!)

High Waist Maxi Skirt:

Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress:

Wide Brim Floppy Hat

A Line Short Knee Length Tutu Tulle Skirt

PS: Are you already engaged and an engagement session is already booked for the two of you? No worries at all, here is another gift idea for you to share with him. Planning a wedding can definitely take time and organization. But I want you to be able to focus on the holidays and spending time with your fiancé. Let him know that he can head on over to this link and surprise you with a 12-Month Wedding Planning Workbook. It is filled with monthly checklists to help you conquer each step of the planning, note sheets so you can keep everything organized, major questions to ask vendors to make sure they are the best fit for you, and so much more!! I (And I’m sure he wants you to be as stress-free during your engagement season as possible, so this is the perfect gift for him to surprise you with!)

wedding planning workbook

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