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Lancaster County Summer Engagement Session

Aug 23, 2023

Thank goodness that HMP couples are so easy-going and go with the flow. We have had quite some adventures in the past, and Casey and Mike’s Lancaster County summer engagement session just added to the list.

Get ready for this story!

We had planned to have the first half of their engagement session at Penn Square in Lancaster City and then hop into our cars and head to Overlook Park for the second half. A perfect way to add variety by tying in both urban and rural backdrops. As I was nearing the parking garage by Penn Square, I noticed a flashing sign off to the side. “Queen Street Closed up ahead.” Instantly my heart sank, and my brain started going a mile a minute on what to do. I didn’t realize, but Celebrate Lancaster had been rained out back in June and rescheduled for this day.

Just our luck!

Queen Street and Penn Square were closed down for an all-evening concert. The streets were packed and parking was a nightmare to find. I texted Casey and Mike as soon as I finally found a spot and let them know the situation and that we would figure it out once we met up. After finding each other we had to walk around a building to even talk to each other because the music was so loud! We instantly started laughing because who could have predicted this! Thankfully, these two were up for anything, and we quickly pivoted to two other locations nearby.

Still capturing the city feel but a bit less chaotic!

The fun wasn’t over yet! Now, we had to get out of the city to head over to Overlook. We went our separate ways, and I managed to get through traffic and to the location first. These two live just under 2 hours away, so I figured just navigating the city slowed them down a little. Especially with the large volume of people and cars there that night.

Little did I know they had a totally different adventure occur!

The ticket booth at their parking garage was reading their ticket as invalid! They were literally stuck in the parking garage. In the end, they had to call the company of the ticket booth to help and approve their ticket to let them leave. Talk about terrible timing! They arrived to Overlook Park with quite the story to tell and a smile on their faces!

At this point, all we could do was laugh at all of it!

But that still wasn’t the end. Casey and Mike brought a champagne bottle to the session to pop for photos. I was walking them through how to do it, and they were getting into position when all of a sudden…POP! The champagne cork flew out the top of the bottle without anyone touching it! Thank goodness it wasn’t accidentally pointing in one of our directions because we were not ready at all! Needless to say, I didn’t get it on camera. Casey was able to still reenact the champagne spreading out so we still got some fun photos (see below), but it wasn’t quite how we had planned.

That is the theme for this Lancaster County summer engagement session!

Through it all, these two were such troopers. From insane crowds to flying corks, a smile never left their faces! It was so fun finally meeting these two in-person and capturing these photos for them! They are the absolute sweetest, and I am even more excited for their wedding day! Hopefully nothing will be flying at us then, though!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engaged couple holding hands as she holds edge of her white dress by brick building in downtown lancaster
engaged couple facing each other holding hands outside central market in lancaster city
engaged couple holding hands and walking towards camera outside central market in lancaster county
woman resting her left hand on man's chest as they smile big at each other and he leans against brick wall in lancaster pennsylvania
couple standing on courthouse steps as woman holds onto guy's left arm on summer evening in lancaster pennsylvania
woman popping bottle of champagne as it sprays everywhere and her fiance is behind her by row of evergreens at overlook park
guy in navy suit coat and khaki pants and woman in flowy white dress being twirled under guy's left arm at overlook park by trees

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