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Senior Session at Nolde Forest

Oct 26, 2023

My grandparents live in a small-ish town, and we often go there to have dinner with the whole family. It’s one of those towns where everyone knows everyone.

I just love the feel of it!

It’s so fun knowing that when you walk in, someone will immediately say hi to you. Just so welcoming. I was there one Friday night, and one of my grandparent’s friends came over to say hi. She knew I did photography, and during our conversation, she mentioned her granddaughter was about to be a senior. It just so happened that she was there that night, and so her grandma called her over to introduce us.

Instantly, we got to chatting, and I could tell how sweet and kind she was.

I told her about my senior sessions and also the spokesmodel team I offer each year. We said goodbye, and her grandma mentioned they will be in touch. Fast forward a few months, and Grace applied for the team and was selected as one of my spokesmodels. As soon as her application came through, I knew I had to have her on the team. Her personality was perfect, and her engagement in the community and school is exactly what I look for.

Last night, we did her senior session at Nolde Forest.

This is her first of two as she upgraded to two senior sessions, one in the Fall and one in the Spring. After this first session, I am literally jumping for joy knowing I am going to get her in front of my camera again! You’ll understand why once you see my favorites below! She started the session in a cozy fall outfit that was perfect for the fall foliage all around her. The leaves are in their peak colors, and it was beautiful everywhere you looked. Then she switched into an adorable black top with brown pants.

Definitely my favorite look!

Nolde Forest was packed with endless location spots and backdrops. From leaf covered paths to fields of wild grasses and a dock by a pond, Grace’s Senior Session is filled with variety! We were even able to add in some fun with a few dance moves! I won’t even try to remember what they were called, but she nailed them! Even in a super cute black skirt with a bright pink sweater! To wrap up the session, Grace changed into a gorgeous burnt orange dress that complemented the trees along the water beautifully!

It made her pop off the rest of the background!

The best way to end the session. I am obsessed with so many. Plus, getting to know her more throughout her senior session at Nolde Forest was so fun! She is one smart girl and has such a love for dance! It was so fun hearing her talk about it because I know little-to-nothing about it but have always enjoyed watching it. I need to do a lot more stretching before I attempt any of those moves she has mastered.

Grace, your session was so fun, and we could not have asked for a more beautiful day! I am so happy to have you on the 2024 Senior spokesmodel team and can’t wait to continue to cheer you on throughout your senior year! So many more fun things ahead!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

senior girl in oversized white and tan flannel shirt with blue jeans standing on wooden walkway at nolde forest
senior girl wearing black crop top and dark pants with hands in pockets and left ankle crossed over right foot by trees at nolde forest
senior girl leaning back slightly with her right hand in her pocket at sunset by colorful trees at nolde forest
senior girl with back slightly toward camera looking back over right shoulder and smiling by colorful trees at nolde forest in reading pennsylvania
senior girl in pink top with short black skirt standing on wooden dock by water and colorful trees at park in berks county pennsylvania
senior girl doing grand jete leap on wooden dock at nolde forest in pennsylvania
senior girl in rust colored dress standing by water with right hand on right shoulder and head tilted at nolde forest
senior girl extending her right foot back on wooden dock as she tucks hair behind her left ear and looks back over right shoulder at nolde forest
senior girl with right shoulder towards camera looking back and away from camera at nolde forest in reading pennsylvania
black and white photo of senior girl sitting on end of wooden pathway with legs extended out and looking right and smiling at nolde forest

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