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Fall Foliage Engagement Session

Nov 15, 2023

“I’m hesitant.”

This is not a normal text I send out, but for Courtney and Trevor’s fall foliage engagement session, it is one that I did.

As we were past noon on their session date, the skies slowly turned to dark. It seemed as though a rainy afternoon was rolling in.

The skies showed it.

The radar showed it. It actually showed it lasting into the evening.

But oddly enough, the rain wasn’t falling.

Hour after hour, I kept holding out on saying if we were good-to-go out or if we should reschedule. I knew they were traveling over two hours for the session, so I didn’t want to have to make the dreaded call.

So, I reached out to them to get their thoughts. They too wanted to keep it as planned. The radar was just so confusing. Based on it, it was supposed to be raining, but yet, there was still no rain.

That is when I sent them the text.

“I’m hesitant that we get there, and it starts down pouring, and we can’t shoot.”

I went so far as to text two people that lived in the area where the shoot was to see if maybe it was raining there. But like me, no rain.

So, we said a prayer and kept the session as is.

I am so thankful we did!

As I drove to the session, an unexpected thing happened. The skies started to open up. So quickly so that before I even took the first photo, we had to change our location slightly because the sun broke through and blasted them with warm sunlight…right in their eyes.

We were happy to change because it meant sunlight for the ENTIRE session.

I still can’t believe the complete one hundred and eighty degree change in weather.

Not only did the skies bring so much brightness and joy to this fall foliage engagement session so did Courtney and Trevor.

These two are an absolute joy to be around.

Endless laughter, adorable photos, nonstop conversations. I seriously didn’t want the session to end! Plus, we found a new spot that has stolen my heart. I love when I can bring a unique piece to each couple’s session, even if I have shot at the location before. It helps me to keep my creative juices flowing and makes me obsessed with every gallery.

How am I going to survive a year before they are back in front of my camera for their wedding at The Barn at Silverstone? I will definitely be scrolling through these favorites for awhile to help me get through. I’m just so excited for these two and all that is to come.

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engaged couple holding hands and walking towards camera by tall brown wild grasses at overlook park
engaged couple kissing by tall dried wild grasses at overlook park in lancaster county
engaged couple holding hands and looking at each other by fall tree with yellow leaves and wild grasses at overlook park
black and white photo of woman standing behind man as he looks back and smiles at her and she holds his left upper arm at overlook park
woman sitting on guy's lap under yellow tree at sunset at overlook park in lancaster pennsylvania
guy twirling girl under his left arm by row of evergreen trees at sunset at overlook park
couple kissing as guy leans against evergreen tree on fall evening at manheim township park
woman in white long dress hugging man in dark blue shirt and khaki pants by tall grasses at sunset at overlook park

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