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Shades of Blue Ironspire Complex Wedding

Jun 12, 2024

Jillian and Josh’s shades of blue Ironspire Complex wedding was nothing short of magical. The day was filled with laughter, tears, and unforgettable moments.

It was a day to remember for everyone there.

Jillian was tucked around a corner with the biggest smile on her face. She was anxiously waiting for the moment she got to surprise her dad with a first look of her dress. As he started to make his way down the walkway, Jillian turned the corner to come into view. Tears welled up in his eyes almost immediately. His little girl was stunning, and he was so happy for her. Jillian, too, became emotional seeing her dad and quickly walked (almost ran) to him for a big embrace.

The bond they share is unbreakable!

That wasn’t the last time her dad broke down throughout the day. From the ceremony to the father-daughter dance, his eyes were filled with tears for the best reasons. Watching her radiate and marry the man of her dreams is one of the best days, but knowing he was giving her away was also bittersweet.

Along with the tear-jerker moments, Jillian and Josh’s shades of blue Ironspire Complex wedding was also filled with endless joy!

The day started with Jillian and her bridesmaids enjoying some fun times at an Airbnb, complete with mimosas. The laughter and joy set a perfect tone for the day. Jillian even got to play princess for her little cousins. She just happened to be out on the balcony in her dress as they walked by below. Making their day as she waved to them!

A special moment they will never forget.

Jillian and Josh’s first look was sweet and filled with anticipation, though they held back their tears initially. It was during their private vows that the emotions overflowed. Both of them broke down a little, moved by the heartfelt promises they were making to each other.

Ready to officially say I do and let the celebration begin!

The dance floor was the highlight of the reception with glow sticks, sunglasses, and a group of party people who never let the energy die down. Jillian was on the dance floor the entire time leading the fun.

One of the cutest moments was a surprised choreographed dance by the women guests to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.” Jillian’s face was in shock as they began. Her mom, aunts, cousins, friends, and new in-laws all participated. Creating a joyful, girlhood moment that Jillian will cherish forever.

This day had it all: special touches, laughter, tears, and dancing!

Overall, Jillian and Josh’s shades of blue Ironspire Complex wedding was a true celebration of love. They are a wonderful couple, great to work with and always up for anything. From the emotional father-daughter first look to the lively dance floor, every moment was filled with love and joy. It was a day to remember, and the HMP Team feels so lucky to have been a part of it. Here’s to Jillian and Josh and all the amazing adventures ahead of them!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

wedding details like ring boxes, invitation, bride's shoes, and more on display atop white table at ironspire complex
bride looking back over her right shoulder and smiling at her mom who is buttoning her gown at ironspire complex
bride wearing spaghetti strap white gown with long veil and holding bouquet of white flowers by mauve wall at ironspire complex
groom surrounded by his bridal party and laughing as they all hold glasses of beer at ironspire complex in lancaster county
couple standing close together just after first look moment by pond at ironspire complex in adamstown pennsylvania
bride approaching her groom from behind before their first look by pond at ironspire complex
couple hugging with their foreheads touching by willow tree and pond at ironspire complex
groom's back to camera as bride wraps her left arm through his left arm and they smile at each other in lancaster pennsylvania
black and white photo of bride holding edge of her long veil at ironspire complex
groom with his four groomsmen all wearing navy suits in wooded area at ironspire complex
groom and groomsmen all walking towards camera in wooded lawn of ironspire complex in adamstown pennsylvania
groom smiling at camera as he holds his suit coat over his left shoulder at ironspire complex
black and white photo of bride with her four bridesmaids as they smile and look at each other at ironspire complex
bridal party cheering for bride and groom as they kiss by wooded area at ironspire complex
bride and groom share their first kiss by brick wall at ironspire complex in lancaster pennsylvania
bride and groom share their first dance outdoors in courtyard surrounded by wedding guests on sunny June day at ironspire complex
bride dancing with her father during wedding reception at ironspire complex in adamstown pennsylvania
couple walking towards camera holding hands with groom holding bride's bouquet at ironspire complex
bride and groom holding hands by pond and looking in opposite directions at sunset at ironspire complex
groom hugging his bride from behind as she leans back to kiss him by pond at ironspire complex
bride and her bridesmaids in light blue gowns raising large colorful glowsticks in the air during reception at ironspire complex

The Amazing Vendor Team:

Wedding Dress | In White

Wedding Dress Designer | Justin Alexander

Bridesmaid’s Dress | Azazie

Groom’s Attire | Generation Tux & DAZI

Groomsmen’s Attire | Generation Tux & DAZI

Florist | Sharon Zimmerman

DJ | Hillard Entertainment

Hair Stylist | Shelby’s Cosmetics

Makeup Artist | Emily Kauffman

Invitations | The Knot

Caterer | The Festive Board Catering

Wedding Cake | Sandy’s Cakes & Cuisine

Venue | IronSpire Complex

Wedding Planner | Sharon Zimmerman

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