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Hey! It’s Heather Marie Here!!!

Jan 29, 2019

Hi, I’m Heather Marie. I’m a Lancaster County photographer and dreamer who is a lover of all cheesy pick-up lines, potatoes, ice cream, and puppies! Yes, you read that right…I live in the middle of Amish country and am not ashamed of it at all! I’m a hard core carb-lover and know some day it will definitely bite me in the butt! But until then, bring on the potatoes, mac and cheese, and pasta!

Photos by Megan Hoffer Photography

I’m a mama of two fur babies that are definitely preparing us for the real-deal in the future! I had always dreamed of getting a puppy in a Christmas box every year growing up, and my husband almost (please ask me the story sometime!!) surprised me with it on our first Christmas as a married couple! He definitely has some expectations to meet for every Christmas to come. 🙂

When I have free time, which is very seldom because I love being busy and involved everywhere I can be, I love spending time with my husband outdoors, exploring a new place, or even just grocery shopping! Any time with him is better than if I was alone! We are big sports fans and love going out clay bird shooting as well!

Photos by Christina Julia Photography

Family is one of the most important things to me! I have grown up with a tightknit family filled with tons of get-together, dinners, card games, vacations, and definitely laughter! We always joke that we should be on a tv show because you literally never know what is going to happen or going to be said anytime we’re together, but you know you won’t leave without some tears of laughter!

family prayer
It’s no secret that #heathermariecouples value their family just as much, and your wedding day? It is the one day in your life that all those people will be in one place at one time – just for you! This was such a huge realization for me on my wedding day, and I want you to remember it and cherish it the whole day through!

So on your wedding day, I am more than just your photographer. I am your support system and new best friend! You are my number one priority because the truth is…you deserve to relax and really take in all the moments and people that are surrounding you!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie


  1. Alyssa says:

    You are such a ray of sunshine! I imagine you would be a perfect person to have around for a wedding day because of your spirit.

  2. Heike says:

    Whoever gets to have you as a photographer is so lucky. I’m enjoying getting to know you and this is just another glimpse into your lovely spirit.

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