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A dreamy, Snow Covered Winter Engagement Session at Historic Shady Lane, Manchester, PA

Mar 8, 2019

“They say every great love story
has a great beginning,
but honestly, our present and
future are the greatest parts of
our love. From 7 th grade on,
there has been no fear between us.
It doesn’t matter what we are
doing as long as we are together.
We are exactly alike
so friendship was easy.
Our story is funny, even before
we knew each other,
our fathers were best friends,
and when we were babies
we were there together
in our car seats at a party.
When we started
Catching up again,
It was so easy.
So easy to catch up and talk
like we had never left off.
Our timeline was fast
from the beginning,
They’re right when they say
when you know, you know.
We’ve had a lot of adventures over the years
Who could have imagined
a love like this was possible,
every single day it gets better and better.
by no means are we perfect
but the love we share is.
You are my everything
you make me want to do better, to be better.
you show me that you love me
in every single thing you do.
You are my soulmate.
my one great love
and our love story is just beginning.”


This was the beautiful canvas backdrop to their engagement session, but also the backdrop to their love story!!! Chyna and Zan were the best troopers for this entire session! Through shivering hands and chattering teeth, the love between the two of them never died down! Each time they looked into each other’s eyes everything around them didn’t matter. All they cared about was being together. Wrapped in one another’s arms. Thinking about their future together! Zan truly would do anything for Chyna. He is currently swamped with work during tax season, but since she wanted this session so much, he was more than willing to drop everything and be by her side for every photo! Knowing this was the woman he was going to marry was all he needed to do this for her! Throughout the day, as Chyna had her hair and make-up done, she couldn’t stop talking about Zan. Their conversations are always easy flowing and she was so proud of the man she will soon call her husband! From the beginning of their relationship, all these two cared about was being together! Hand in hand. Laughing. Enjoying the presence of the other!

I went to school with Chyna and Zan, and the determination these two had through school hasn’t wavered at all in their promise to always be there for each other. Constant smiles were on their faces the entire session and it makes me so happy to see these two together, and having the privilege of photographing their wedding day is more than I could ever ask for! As a fellow (almost) high school sweetheart, it is so powerful to see two people stick it through during their college years and no matter what, always come back to each other in the end. I cannot wait to see where their life takes them! I know through it all, these two will always be supporting each other and laughing through life together! Take a peek into this snow covered engagement session at the beautiful Historic Shady Lane!!

~XOXO Heather Marie


candles and couple looking at each other couple looking at camera engagement session couple laughing at engagement session love story on canvas couple sitting on blanket in snow couple kissing and blankets snowy engagement session setup engagement session florals floral bouquet hot cocoa sign couple sitting on chair engagement setup couple with hot chocolate couple walking hand in hand couple walking with foreheads together individual shot of bride and groom couple sitting on stair couple holding hands



Hair: WB_Upstyles

Makeup: Shades of Blush Studio

Calligraphy: RSVP Love

Florals: Blossom Bliss Florist

Venue: Historic Shady Lane

Decor Rentals: Caroline’s Rentals

Photographer: Heather Marie Photography

Engagement Session

  1. Melissa says:

    I love the images where you can see the snow falling! And her red dress is the perfect color to pop with the snow and that fur is just perfect!

    • Heather Leicy says:

      Thank you so much Melissa!!! I couldn’t have envisioned it to go that well myself haha! The red dress was the prefect backdrop of the snow like you said!!

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