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Laughter-filled Engagement Session at East Goshen Park, West Chester PA

Apr 25, 2019

Sarah’s Monday night started like any other. She was teaching swim lessons to little kiddos, one of her biggest joys in life! As they were splashing around, she heard the faint sound of sirens off in the distance. At first, she thought nothing of it, other than one of the trucks passing by. But as the sounds got closer…and closer…and closer and never kept going past, her curiosity and worry started to set in! She told the kids to keep working on their skills and that she would be right back! As she was making her way towards the door, a few firemen started walking into the building.

Okay, quick pause! I must fill you in that her fiancé, Bill, is firefighter and just happened to be on the truck that was outside with the loud sirens going on. Now back to the story!!

She asked a few of the guys what was going on and if everything was okay? And, of course, asks where Bill is! They answer with calm words that they just need to check a few things, but nothing seems to be an issue and that Bill should be coming in shortly behind them! Just as they finish passing her, and without her knowing, they stopped just a few feet behind and turn back towards her.

At this moment, Bill comes through the doors, and Sarah goes running toward him!

Partly because she is excited to see him on an evening that she was not planning to and also because she knows he’ll tell her if there is really an issue or not. She asks anxiously if there is a fire or does she need to get the kids out of the building. His answer swept everyone off their feet! He said to Sarah, “No, there is no fire, but their is a fire in my heart, and it’s burning for you!!!” He then got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! Oh my gosh!!!! I am such a sucker for the cheesy pickup lines!!! When Bill told this story at our welcome chat, I about fell over.

It was just so perfect!!!

Not only is Bill a master of cheesy pickup lines, but he would absolutely do anything for Sarah! The constant laughter and jokes between these two brings so much joy to me, and I am sure everyone else they are around! Sarah and Bill, I had such a fun time during your engagement session!! I always hope to leave those sessions feeling like I gain two new friends, and at this session, there is no doubt that I did!! It is such a blessing to continually get to know you two, and I can’t wait to continue laughing with you two on your wedding day – and all your hilarious friends you keep telling me about!! (I really think this bridal party tug-of-war needs to happen!)

Sending so much love your way to you both!! Can’t wait to hug you the next time on your wedding day!!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

Couple looking at each other in front of tree and sunset girl looking over shoulder while guy nuzzles into her forehead couple touching forheads couple holding hands looking at each other couple kissing with sun coming through trees couple walking and guy has arm around her shoulders couple walking in tall grasses holding hands couple walking away from camera looking at each other couple walking across camera looking at each other with guy holding hands couple kissing in front of tall row of trees couple kissing between two rows of trees guy hugging girl around shoulders and both smiling at camera couple looking at each other with arms wrapped around, between two rows of trees at East Goshen Park couple holding hands walking down lane engagement ring on purple flowering tree guy twirling girl on boardwalk guy and girl looking at each other with noses touching on boardwalk engagement ring on purple flowering tree girl looking at camera while guy nuzzles into her temple and wraps arm around her couple holding hands walking along board walk looking at each other

Engagement Session

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