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Sunset Beach Engagement Session at Assateague Island, Maryland

May 22, 2019

The beach began to clear as families packed up to head home for dinner. A soft breeze blew across the beach creating the perfect temperature for a sunset along the water. As the sun began its descent below the horizon, Brandon looked toward Olivia with all the happiness in the world!

Not too long ago they were doing this exact same thing, except this time, as the sun rose above the horizon. Brandon (not a morning person at all) decided to ask her to go for a sunrise walk one morning during their family vacation at Assateague Island. The place her family goes every year together!

The beach was quiet.

Few people had made their way down there that early. But all Brandon was focusing on was the big moment he had planned for several weeks! As they walked along watching the sun greet them that morning, Brandon stopped and turned to Olivia, and slowly, without her having a clue what was about to happen, dropped down to one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him!

Now back there again, I had the honor to photograph these two where so many memories had been created. And so many more will be to come! Each time, Brandon looked at Olivia a feeling of knowing things will be alright calmed her. Even through the session I could feeling this comfort and trust between the two of them!

Trust and a strong relationship has definitely been a key factor throughout their relationship. These two have not spent more than a weekend together in a row (other than a few vacations) up until this point. Between school, work, and their home locations, they have always been an hour or more away from each other.

Distance truly makes the heart grow fonder!

Between phone conversations each night and weekend getaways, these two have found countless ways to grow their love and find laughter through every situation! I could not be more excited to continue all of our laughs at your wedding and to see you two finally say I Do and get to be seconds away from each other instead of hours! Almost a year until your big day. Hopefully these photos can hold you over until your wedding day!!

XOXO – Heather Marie

couple holding hands down low facing each other and smiling towards camera couple smiling in front of dunes at Assateague island guy nuzzling into girls temple as she smiles at camera couple looking at each other sitting on dunes guy holding girls chin up and giving her a kiss couple holding hands walking on beach couple standing along fence on beach couple walking down dones of beach girl looking up at guy as he looks at camera couple sitting on beach leaning against fencering shot couple walking through water on beach holding hands couple walking along ocean guys arms wrapped around girls as they both look off to right couple kissing beside beach dunes couple walking holding hands along beach dunes

Engagement Session

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