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Intimate Summer Wedding at Historic Poole Forge, Pennsylvania

Jun 24, 2020

The bright sun softly dipped behind the clouds, creating a beautifully lit backdrop. The flowers swiftly moved in the breeze as Brandon stood anxiously waiting. Waiting for the moment he would see the woman of his dreams on their wedding day. Waiting to give her a hug and tell her he is more than ready for the day to begin.

He was only seconds away.

Olivia, with all her girls by her side, walked up to the grass area in front of the stone house at Historic Poole Forge. Her dress was gently laid out around her. A soft wave of white falling by her side. And then it was just the two of them. Olivia took a final breath and made her walk to Brandon. Each step bringing back memories of their time together. The smiles. The happiness. And the unbreakable love that has formed between the two of them.

This was the moment where the first day of their life together was going to begin!

As she came up behind him, she paused and anxiously said his name to turn around. As Brandon spun around, emotions swept over him. Happiness. Joy. Excitement. Tears began to well up in his eyes. Her beauty took him off-guard. All he could think about was that she was the woman of this dreams. The one he would soon call his wife for the rest of his life.

This moment froze in time.

These are the moments that give me so much life. Give me the passion to do what I do. And remind me of my marriage and our love everyday. Wedding days are filled with emotion, and to have the honor to be there to capture those moments for my couples is more than I could ever ask for. Olivia and Brandon had to postpone their big wedding until next year, due to the pandemic. But they knew they still wanted to say I Do this year, on their original date, and start their life together.

And the best part?

They wanted me to be at each wedding. Although this wasn’t what they had planned, they still wanted to document their commitment to each other and every memory that came with it. I will never take that honor for granted! Not only did we get to celebrate this past Saturday, but we get to do it all again next year! With even more happiness and more love because they will be surrounded by even more friends and family at their big celebration! I am so excited for the party to continue in 2021! But for now, Olivia and Brandon, I want to say congrats! I am so beyond happy for the two of you and the journey that you have just begun. Enjoy this first year of marriage. Remember this day and the promise you made to each other. The love. And most of all…the support from everyone who was with you in-person and virtually. You are so loved, and we all can’t wait to see how you grow as one!

I am so excited to say our time together isn’t over. I will see you next year!!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

bridal portrait and her sister and maid of honor helping her get zipped up in her dress maid of honor and sister helping bride get zipped up in dress bridal portrait and groom portrait against white wall bride laughing off to side of camera bridal portrait and bridesmaids helping to fluff her dress outside groom portrait and groom facing away from bride during first look groom crying when he sees bride at first look bride and groom portrait at Historic Poole Forge bridesmaids walking with bride to first look location bride and groom hugging in front of stone house at Historic Poole Forge bride and groom portraits at Historic Poole Forge bride and groom portraits groom hugging bride from behind and snuggling close to her as they laugh off camera full bridal party at Historic Poole Forge bride walking down stone steps holding hands with groom surrounded by greenery bridal party photos at Historic Poole Forge bride and groom portraits with groom dipping bride in front of stone house bridesmaids and floral bouquet groomsmen standing and staring at camera with straight face full bridal party cheering and bride and groom kissing bride and groom portraits in front of stone wall brides dress flowing behind and groom and bride face each other with arms wrapped around bride smiling at camera holding on to grooms arm as she smiles down to him bride and groom portraits bride and groom walking across open grass area and stone wall bride and groom portraits at Historic Poole Forge bride and groom kissing while bride holds onto his arm with wedding ring showing bridal portraits at Historic Poole Forge groom standing at front of aisle watching bride come towards him bride walking down aisle at wedding ceremony groom putting ring on bride at ceremony wedding ceremony with sand tradition

bride and groom kissing at ceremonyDid you notice the ring bearers reaction in the above photo!! It’s priceless!!
bride and groom holding two puppies at wedding ceremony
family formal photos
bride and groom holding two puppies during bride and groom portraits


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  1. Freddy Emery says:

    Amazing Beautiful Pictures, Congratulations To You Both. May You Both Have Great Blessing In The Future:)

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