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Summer Field Engagement Session in Wyomissing, PA

Jul 1, 2020

Summer Lovin’ had be a blast!

Summer Lovin’ happened so fast!

I met a girl, crazy for me

I met a boy, cute as can be.

For these two, this summer has been an absolute blast. Endless days of wine sipping, furniture making, long nights of talking, and falling more in love with each other everyday. Carley and Josh are the epitome of a movie love story.

They are both teachers at an elementary school and quickly got to know each other each day at school. What started out as small conversations by chance but turned into making plans to “happen to see each other” in the halls. The bells took longer and longer to ring between classes. As the kids counted down the minutes for that class to end, Carley and Josh counted down the minutes when they could see each other for a quick hello! As the school year progressed, their friendship turned into a relationship, and they were making plans to see each other more often than just in the halls. Dinner nights out and trying new things filled their weekends!

Love was truly in the air.

As the holiday break slowly started to approaching, Carley and Josh had to figure out their plans outside of school. What new restaurants were they going to try? What adventures were they going to go on hand-in-hand? Little did Carley know, Josh had one more trick up his sleeve before school officially let out. On the last day, Josh came into Carley’s classroom with her favorite children’s book. He offered to help read it to the students with her! As they flipped through the pages, the kids laughed and smiled as the story moved along.

But the ending wasn’t quite how everyone remembered.

As Carley flipped to the final page of the book. There, sat a post-it note. And what was on that post-it note you ask? Four simple words. Will you marry me? I think for Carley, this will always be her favorite time reading this book! And let me tell you, the kids were just as excited for the ending! I think their physical reactions of jumping for joy was exactly how Carley was feeling inside as she said YES to the man of her dreams!

Carley and Josh, our session together is definitely one I will never forget. The constant conversation. The uncontrollable laughs we shared. It truly felt like we knew each other for years. You two have truly become such great friends in such a quick amount of time. And I couldn’t be happier. I am so excited for your wedding day and to see our friendship grow even more until then! I am so excited to capture each of these special moments for you and to watch the love between you two grow! It may have started as a “school crush,” but I know you are going to last for all the years to come!

I hope you guys enjoy these photos as much as I do! This session truly could not have gone any better in my eyes. Especially the sunset at the end. It truly was filled with so much Summer Lovin’!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

couple standing with arms around each other smiling at each other in front of tall grass field couples engagement photos in Wyomissing, PA couple smiling after kiss as girl holds hair back copule kissing mid walk beside tall grasses couple standing in tall grass field kissing, and guy solo shot leaning against fence smiling at camera couple leaning against wood fence with tall grasses beside and girl smiles off camera while guy nuzzles in Engagement Session photos at Wyomissing Trails in Wyomissing PA engagement ring shot on wood plank surrounded by flowers couple engagement session in Wyomissing, PA couple walking with arms around each other's backs with wild grass field beside them guy twirling girl on wood bridge surrounded by trees couple holding hands on stone path way and looking towards each other and smiling guy lifting girl as they look at each other, and girl smiling to camera in solo shot guy dipping girl in front of tree with sunset coming from behind girl looking at camera with soft look and guy nuzzling into her temple

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