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A Laughter-Filled Engagement Session around Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Feb 20, 2020

You often don’t know how your next couple is going to find you. You show up on social media, your website, and in-person, each with the hope that you connect with someone on a personal level that is deeper than just someone who can take their pictures.

It has always been one of my favorite questions on my contact form, when I ask where a couple heard about me. The answers are sometimes the same, but I often get answers from all different avenues. It gives me the comfort to know I am showing up in each place the same. Always being myself and connecting with people on so many different topics and interests.

For Kyra and Tyler, the interest was volleyball!

For these two, I definitely didn’t have to wait to read the contact form to know where they found me from. Kyra and I have actually coached at the same volleyball club for the past two years. We started to get to know each other and hang out last year, but it wasn’t until this year that we truly became close friends.

Each day before practice, we always tried to make sure to see each other, even for five minutes. Just to catch up and chat about life or how our teams were doing. At one of these chats, Kyra said she had a questioned for me. She started asking me about photography and my pricing. I got a little curious because I knew she had a boyfriend but hadn’t heard anything about a proposal. We continued to chat, and she mentioned that she felt like a proposal was on the horizon. It was close to the holidays, and she just had this feeling. Little did she know, that coming weekend, Tyler had a plan to propose to her at Longwood Gardens.

Talk about perfect timing!

He had planned for one of his friends to ask if they wanted to do a double-date there. Kyra didn’t think anything of it, other than a chance to hang out with some good friends. Well the whole night, Tyler was figuring out where the perfect spot would be to get down on one knee and ask her to marry him. He ended up choosing a beautiful walkway lined with arches that were covered in twinkling Christmas lights. Kyra was completely surprised, so much so that she fully blanked on what he was saying and was just so excited to be his fiancé.

Quickly, our conversation changed from it being hypothetical to us getting together and chatting about their actual wedding details! Now, Kyra isn’t just looking at my photos of my couples hoping for one day soon; she is now officially an HMP Bride.

And they are officially a HMP Couple!!

Kyra mentioned at the beginning of the session that they figured most of the photos I captured would be them smiling and laughing at each other or making funny faces in between shots. Well, let me tell you, these two never stopped smiling the entire time. Between photos, we were laughing and telling stories, and in each shot, a smile would quickly form on each of their faces when they looked at each other!

It was so contagious!

My cheeks were hurting by the end. In the best way!! I caught myself several times with the biggest smile on my face, and it was when I had the camera up to my face. It was as if I was taking a peek into a typical date night for the two of them. So much happiness. So much love! Holding hands between each location. These two make what a relationship should look like seem sooo refreshing! I can’t wait to watch their love just continue to grow stronger and to see all of the numerous laughs they have as they continue to create memories together! I am so beyond excited to capture your wedding day and to have you as a part of the HMP Family!!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

Engagement session at Old Trinity Place in Lancaster, PA guy nuzzling into girls temple as she smiles at camera couple holding wedding date out of wood blocks as they share a kiss couple with arms wrapped around each other and sun flooding in from behind couple walking on cobblestone road holding hands couple kissing in middle of street with lamp post to the side guy nuzzling into girl while they lean up against wall guy leaning against wall and girl pressed up against guy spinning girl in middle of street at Old Trinity Place girl holding guys neck as they sit beside each other touching foreheads Couple sitting at front door at Old Trinity Place in Lancaster City Engagement session at the Lancaster County Courthouse couple walking up stairs as guy is looking back and smiling at girl engagement ring on wild flower guy hugging girl from behind as they smile to camera couple wrapped in each others arms as girl holds a note that says "I said Yes" guy facing off camera and looking back towards girl as she hugs in from behind Engagement session at Overlook Park in winter guy lifting girl in field at sunset Engagement session photos at Overlook Park

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