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Puppy-Loving, Winter Engagement Session at Nolde Forest in Reading, PA

Feb 19, 2020

As they pulled into the parking lot at Nolde Forest, I slowly stepped out of my car and started to get my camera ready to go and pull my bag out and over my shoulder. Right as I was turning back around to give them hugs, two paws landed on the ground behind their car door. Out ran one of their two dogs, so overly excited to meet me. She was so friendly and playful. Only seconds after did their second pup bound out from the backseat with tail wagging as fast as possible. But you want to know the best part?
Not only were they both the cutest pups. They were both dressed in ADORABLE dresses!! Each so cute and definitely ready for their close-ups!

I think I just about fell over!!

The dresses even had ruffles! Each of my couples receive an engagement session style guide from me, once they book. It is filled with tips and ideas for their engagement session and helps them make decisions on what to wear. Typically, a couple only has to focus on their outfits, but Teresa even coordinated the pups’ outfits to tie in with what they were wearing. I mean, come on, is she not the best HMP Bride??

Oh man, I can’t wait for you to see below!!

I absolutely love when my couples bring their fur babies along to their session. First off, I am a HUGE puppy lover, so I will take all the kisses and snuggles I can get. Other than that, it just makes the session unique to them. It brings in a part of their lives that is so important to them and makes for a fun time. Although we may have had a little slip up on with the leashes that ended in Miles taking a tumble, these pups were just loving the chance to be in front of the camera and hanging out with their humans. 🙂

Miles and Teresa, you two are so chill and up for anything.

The happiness you have together is contagious and shines through even when you are just walking together. Miles, you are such a trooper, and it truly shows how much you love and adore Teresa. The skill you have to hold back two dogs from running crazy while also keeping a relaxed face for a close-up shot is very impressive!

So many of my favorite shots had the dogs running all around their feet, but you would never know in the photos.

This session was just so refreshing and truly gave me a glimpse of how you two are together at home! I can’t wait to see as your love continues to grow up to the wedding…and then so many years after! I hope you enjoyed this session as much as I did, and I cannot wait for your wedding day later this year! Hopefully, it’ll be a little bit warmer. 😉

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engagement session at Nolde Forest with two dogs couple wrapped up in each other's arms on a wood dock dogs playing together in front of couple on dock as they stand holding hands couple sitting together and looking at each other touching noses Couple having engagement photos on dock of pond at Nolde Forest couple walking at Nolde Forest with dogs beside guy nuzzling into girls temple as she smiles down couple on wood bridge with girls arms wrapped around guy and guy holding her and leashes of dogs couple facing each other holding hands and guy kissing her forehead couple wrapped up together with dogs standing beside them engagement session photos at Nolde Forest in winter girl has arms wrapped around guys nect with ring showing as they touch noses guy dipping girl on wood plank bridge engagement session photos at Nolde Forest in Reading, PA couple in field of wild grasses, guy kissing girl on cheek guy softly holding girls cheek as he brings her in for a kiss, ring shot

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