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Bright, Joyful Engagement Session around Ellicott City, Maryland

Mar 11, 2020

Do you ever just feel like you’re watching a fairytale unfold before you? Like birds should be chirping all around? And soft, music playing in the distance? As if love was growing stronger, right in front of your eyes?

The uncontrollable feeling of…Love. Happiness. Joy.

As I look back on my engagement session this past Saturday in Ellicott City, Maryland with Mary-Pat and Josh, I can’t help but feel like I was watching a fairytale! The bustling of the street around them, yet the two of them locked together in the moment. The perfect outfits that beautifully played off each other and popped from the scenery surrounding them. The simplicity of a hand hold. Or the sweetness of a giggle when Josh smiled her way.

Each moment felt like a DREAM!

As soon as I drove through the town to our meeting point, I knew something amazing was about to happen. You could just feel the life and happiness coming from each direction. Not to mention, the gorgeous day it was turning out to be. March is normally very chilly for engagement sessions, but this day? That was not the case! The warm sun was shining down on us, giving a little extra glow around these two. A soft breeze flowed through the streets from time-to-time, creating beautiful movement in Mary-Pat’s dress. As if we were in Snow White with the birds fluttering around her, fluffing her dress.

Each piece of the day beautifully came together around these two, but nothing could compare to the sparks that flew when these two looked into each other’s eyes. Each time was just as good as the last (or maybe even better)! Nothing was taken for granted. It was as if they were mentally taking pictures of each second together, so they would never forget a single moment. Cherishing each second wrapped in one another’s arms.

Mary-Pat and Josh are so welcoming.

They are people that you never want your time with them to end. The people you always want to surround yourself with. To constantly learn from. To become best friends with. They are truly a breath of fresh air! It shows not only in the words they say but in how they react. How they unconditionally love each other which I know you’ll see as you scroll through some of my favorites photos of their session.

Mary-Pat and Josh, I don’t even know what to say. Your session was one of my favorites to date. I am so thankful that our paths crossed and that I have the honor of photographing not only your engagement session but also your wedding day. If this is only a small sneak peek of how much you love each other, I can’t wait to capture every moment on the wedding day as you become husband and wife. Even more importantly, I am so happy that I get to call you two friends! I had the absolute best time at your engagement session talking about everything from your future home to all the memories you have made in this beautiful city (and even muscle groups 😉 ).

I can’t wait to continue to celebrate you two and your contagious love! I hope you see these photos as your own fairytale being written because I know I sure did. I can’t wait to give you both hugs again in a few months for your beautiful wedding at Shrine of Saint Anthony and Turf Valley Resort in July!

I am so excited for you two and the story that is about to unfold. Always know, I am here cheering you on!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engagement session photos in fron of car mural in Ellicott City, Maryland engagement session photos in fron of car mural in Ellicott City, Maryland guy has arms wrapped around girl from behind and he is looking at her while she is smiling off to the side couple walking down street of Ellicott City, Maryland couple coming together to share a kiss downtown in Ellicott City couple kissing while walking down street holding hands guy dipping girl on brick bridge and sharing a kiss couple's engagement session in Ellicott City, Maryland girl holding on to guys arm and looking at each other in front of purple building on brick bridge couple standing in front of light yellow door with an arch in a brick wall couple smiling at camera standing centered in yellow door couple resting heads together in front of light yellow arched door couple's engagement photos in front of famous Eillicott City sign couple kissing on bridge with Ellicott City sign behind them girl smiling off to side as guy nuzzles into her temple couple on bridge for engagement session in Ellicott City, Maryland couple sharing a kiss on a bridge with Ellicott City sign behind them couple leaning against stone wall and touching noses and laughing couple sharing a kiss against a stone wall couple sitting on front step of a stone home with a blue door behind them and a white picket fence guy lifting girl up as they share a kiss in front of a stone home couple kissing in front of restaurant where they shared their first date in Ellicott City, Maryland guy dipping girl slightly as he leans into her cheek and she smiles down towards ground couple kissing in front of green door to a restaurant couple standing in front of mural of Ellicott City, Maryland sharing a kiss for their engagement session

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