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A Light-Hearted Fall Engagement Session Around Lancaster County

Oct 3, 2019

The street is quiet. Other than a car that passes by every so often on a side street. There is no movement around. Leaves are starting to fall and collect along the curbs. Cobblestone stretches across the entire street and leads up to each of the colorful houses lining it. In the center of the road, Jessica and Mike slowly turn in unison. Dancing hand-in-hand.

Smiles on each of their faces.

I felt like everything stood still for that moment. Nothing around them mattered. Nothing going on anywhere else worried them. In that one moment, all they cared about was the other person.

This. This is why I do what I do. Seeing two people so madly in love with each other. So content when they’re in each other’s arms. It makes me so honored to be the one they trust to capture their unique love. Not only at their engagement session but also on their wedding day!

These moments will never get old!

Just as I was about to comment about how perfect the moment was, Mike gracefully twirls Jessica out away from him and then back in. Almost as if it was a scene out of a movie. Jessica’s smile was shining from ear-to-ear.

She was so in love with this man!

In that moment, I realized that these two had truly forgotten about everything around them! Even the camera that was capturing each second of the dance, off to the side. It was as if they were the only two on the street. In the city. In the world!

This is how I want each of my couples to feel at their engagement session. Yes, I help get them comfortable in different poses so that they can feel confident. But then I just love to create moments when they can truly focus on each other! Truly take in the fact that soon the other person will be their spouse. And that this is just the beginning to so much more ahead!

This is my goal as I drive to each session, and Jessica and Mike truly embraced it!

These two never take any moment together for granted. They are always full of smiles, hand holding, and quick kisses. I just loved watching them be together. In each other’s arms. The place that makes them the happiest. Thank you, Jessica and Mike, for letting me capturing these precious moments and memories in time for you! I am so excited for this journey you are on and can’t wait for your wedding day!! Enjoy your sneak peeks from our session together! I hope it tells the story just how I saw it unfold!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engagement session in Lancaster City at Old Trinity Place Couple wrapping arm around each other and looking at each other on cobblestone road in Lancaster City engagement session in Lancaster City girl holding on to guys arm as she looks at him and he smiles to camera engagement session in Lancaster City engagement session in Lancaster City engagement session in Lancaster City couple kissing with arms wrapped around each other girl cuddling in close to guy's back as he smiles forward couple dancing in middle of cobblestone street in Lancaster County couple in front of cute brick house looking at each other engagement session in Lancaster County farmland couple along a tree line with guy nuzzling close to girl as she looks at camera couple wrapped in a native american blanket with foreheads touching couple sitting along river with willow tree behind engagement ring on white stone couple going nose to nose in front of fence with horse behind engagement session in Lancaster County farmland couple in a soy bean field with foreheads touching and eyes closed couple in soy bean field in Lancaster County

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