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An Urban and Farmland Mash-Up Engagement Session Throughout Lancaster, PA

Jun 6, 2019

Each time I step into “My Panera” to meet another potential Heather Marie Couple, and hopefully, my new best friends, I always get the butterflies deep down in my tummy! I start to get all sorts of feelings.

Excited. Anxious. Nervous. Curious.

Each time a couple walks in, I excitedly look to see if it is them. This day in March was like any other. Sitting. Patiently waiting. Watching the time to see when they would be coming. Then in walks a couple scanning the room. Instantly, we connect, and it feels like I was seeing a long-time friend that I had not had a chance to connect with in awhile!! Anne and Dominick came over with arms open for hugs!! If you know me at all, you know I am a hugger, so this was just the ticket I needed to know we would make a great combo!

From the moment they sat down, I knew these two were a perfect #heathermariecouple!!

We chatted about everything!! Their love story. The wedding day. Their jobs. It just felt so natural! The entire time these two couldn’t stop smiling. The love they shared for each other was contagious, and I couldn’t stop smiling! They finished each other’s thoughts and made decisions together! It was just so refreshing to see.

These two were completely in love!

Fast forward a few months to this past Sunday for their engagement session. All day the weather was iffy. Percentages of storms were bouncing hour-by-hour. About two hours before the session, we made the call to keep the plan as scheduled and to meet at the Prince Street Garage at 6:30pm. As I’m getting ready to leave my house, thunder and dark clouds start rolling in. I say a little prayer as I hop in my car, just hoping the skies can clear, so I can give them the engagement session they had been dreaming of! The entire drive was filled with heavy winds, strong rains, hail, and bounding thunder and lighting.

Deep inside I started to worry that we may have to reschedule.

As I pull into the garage, I see Anne and Dominick at the end, just patiently watching the rain come down. But just like at Panera, these two came walking over to me with open arms and big smiles. They had said a little prayer, too, and we all just had this calm that it was going to work out. About five minutes before the session was supposed to “begin,” no lie, the skies began to part and the sun showed its face!

We were all in complete shock!

And just in awe of what had come after the storm! The entire evening was filled with bright sunshine, cool breezes, and lots of giggles! Anne and Dominick, thank you! Thank you for always staying positive. Thank you for trusting that this would all work out! Thank you for allowing me to be your photographer, and more importantly, a new friend! I am soooo excited for your wedding day and to capture all those giggles again! Your love is infectious, and I can’t wait to see you two finally become husband and wife!!

~XOXO Heather Marie

couple walking hand and hand through Lancaster City engagement ring in roses couple kissing girls arms wrapped around guys neck with roses in hand couple walking through streets of Lancaster City guy kissing girl on forehead couple belly button to belly button in front of the Fulton in Lancaster City couple sitting on blanket with whine along side creek couple with foreheads together having a soft moment alongside a creek couple standing with arms wrapped around each other in front of fence with horses in background couple looking at each other in a wheat field

Engagement Session

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