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A Stroll Through the Lancaster County Park Engagement Session

Oct 9, 2019

I absolutely LOVE this job because of all of the new people I get to meet and become great friends with!! It is one of my favorite things! However, I do enjoy the occasional couple that I have known for awhile! It is such an honor to have watched their relationship grow and then to be asked to photograph their wedding day!!

Leighann and Jared are one of those couples!

I have known Leighann since high school! Her brother and I were actually in the same grade together, and the three of us were actually in band together! She was ahead of us in school, so once she graduated, we kind of drifted apart. Several years later, once Joel and I started dating, I began going to his church! And Leighann’s family attended that church as well.

Leighann and I’s friendship quickly picked up where it left off.

It was so fun to watch and listen as she and Jared started dating. Their relationship slowly started to evolve. First he came to a few church events. Then he started coming to church services. Finally, he was there basically every Sunday she was or even ones that she couldn’t be there. I loved getting to see the two of them so happy.

And her family absolutely loves him.

One day on Facebook, I saw Leighann had posted a video, so of course, I stopped my scroll and checked it out! I am sooo glad I did because Jared had proposed to her! I immediately commented how happy I was for the two of them. So excited to see where their journey was going to take them. Not to long after, Leighann reached out asking if I would do engagement photos for them! I instantly, without even having to take a second to think about it, answered back with a huge yes!

I was so excited to do this for them!

We had the date all set, and it was quickly approaching. I couldn’t wait to get the two of them in front of the camera. Every now and then, Leighann and I would chat about their wedding at church when we would see each other. One time, she had asked about my pricing for wedding photography, and I happily sent it over. But I didn’t want to push too much; I just wanted to see if they brought it up again. I was just so happy for them. A couple of weeks had gone by, so I just assumed they had found someone else. I was just glad they found a perfect fit for their day!

But then the best thing happened!

One day, after church finished, Leighann walked over to me with her hand behind her back. I didn’t think too much of it. Then all of a sudden, she dropped down on one knee and pulled out a Ring Pop. She asked it I would be their wedding photographer! You better bet that I jumped for joy and screamed, “Yes!!” I was so excited!!

And I still am so excited!

Especially after the incredible time we had at their engagement session! Leighann and Jared – THANK YOU!!! I cannot wait for your wedding day in March 2020! It will be here before we know it! The love between you two shines through so brightly. And I think you will easily see that in some of my favorites below from their gorgeous Fall engagement session at Lancaster County Park! Enjoy you two! And see you at church! 😉

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

Engagement Session at Lancaster County Park guy looking at girl with arms wrapped around her waist while she smiles at camera Engagement Session at Lancaster County Park couple walking in open grass area with sun shining through trees behind girl looking up at guy as they walk hand in hand couple looking at camera, guy has hands in pocket and girl is holding on to his arm Engagement Session at Lancaster County Park guy has arms wrapped around girls mid back and is nuzzling close while girl smiles at camera couple nose to nose with eyes close, taking in the moment Engagement Session at Lancaster County Park couple facing away from camera and touching foreheads in a field of wild grass couple smiling at camera with girl standing behind guy with arms wrapped around him and head resting on his back guy has hand on girls cheek, pullng her close for a kiss Engagement Session at Lancaster County Park Engagement Session at Lancaster County Park couple wrapped up in each others arms and girl smiling slightly down Engagement Session at Lancaster County Park couple standing beside a stream and he is pulling her in for a kiss girl is leading guy and smiling back to him as they walk through tall grass field

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