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A Romantic Engagement Session at Masonic Village in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

Oct 10, 2019

They walked out to the center of the road. Hand-in-hand. Smiling. Slowly, they faced each other and rested their heads together. Closing their eyes. Breathing in unison.

And then…..

A car comes up behind them. So we quickly move to the side and resume position. But then. Another car starts coming from the opposite direction. So we chuckle and move again to the side. Laughing about how I just got done saying that this tree-lined road at Masonic Village was rarely used. As the car travels past, we slowly make our way back to our locations. Resetting the calm, sweet moment. And out from behind them comes a man on a bike.

Oh boy! I thought.

But kept snapping photos and using their heads to block him for as long as I could. As he is approaching, I warned them that he is passing by and that they can just relax for a couple seconds. As the guy was passing by, I noticed that he is actually slowly down. And steering his bike right toward us.

We couldn’t catch a break!

He stopped right beside us and started asking all sorts of questions. I politely answered but tried to steer the question towards an end so that we could get back to our session. Unfortunately, the guy didn’t catch on, and we kept on chatting. As if we are friends that haven’t see each other for a few years. Luckily, another car approaches and as I am walking off to the side I tell him to have a great evening, and he keeps on riding along.

We just start cracking up laughing because we have barely been able to get a couple minutes uninterrupted at this location.

But I wasn’t worried at all! This was why I build in buffer time at the end of my sessions before the sun fully sets. It allows for grace time, just in case someone gets stuck in traffic or an issue arises or a guy on a bike is really friendly and wants to chat!

Renee and Brian were absolutely incredible the entire session. The whole time was filled with so much laughter and happiness. My cheeks were definitely hurting by the end of it all. And I am not complaining on bit! In between each pose or location, we would pick up our conversation right where it left off. Catching up on everything. I love getting to know my couples on a personal level and chatting about how everything that is going. Wedding-related. Or just life.

I want to become more than just a photographer to my couples. I want to become friends!

And Renee and Brian were no exception. I left so excited for their wedding day. To see them and hug them again. To watch them say, “I Do” to their best friend. And to just meet their family and friends that mean so much to them! I am so excited! This was such an amazing session. Happiness is truly the best medicine. And you will see theirs in each of my favorites below! Enjoy! I hope it brings a smile to your face like it does to mine everytime I look at them!!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engagement session at Masonic Village girl smiling at camera as guy nuzzles his nose into her temple couple smiling at camera and guy is standing facing camera with hands in pockets and girl is hold on to his arm couple is touching noses in a overgrown field couple touching foreheads, standing in a field of grasses with light coming through the trees behind engagement session at Masonic Village guy has arm wrapped around her collarbone and she is holding on to his arm while he kisses her on the forehead engagement session at Masonic Village couple wrapping arms around each other and smiling off to the side of the camera couple standing facing each other, holding hands on a road lined with trees engagement session at Masonic Village guy leaning against stone pillar as girl leans against him and then rest their foreheads together engagement session at Masonic Village couple kissing at engagement session in formal gardens at Masonic Village engagement session at Masonic Village couple with arms wrapped around each other at the end of a pon where their reflection shows up in front of them engagement session at Masonic Village

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  1. Debbie says:

    Each picture captured the special love ❤️ that Brian & Renee share! These are fantastic!

    • Heather Leicy says:

      Thank you so much!! The two of them were absolutely amazing and I loved their session! I can’t wait for their wedding day 🙂

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