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Summer Watercolor Engagement Session at Masonic Village in Elizabethtown, PA

Jun 26, 2019

He wrapped his arms around her waist. Holding tightly as if he never wanted to forget this moment or any moment they shared together. Their foreheads touched. Eyes fell shut. They stood in the middle of a road lined with trees on either side. All you could hear were the leaves rustling in the soft wind.

It was almost as if a calm had fallen over the area.

This feeling and peace lasted through their entire session. These two were just the absolute sweetest, and they just made my heart so happy each time their eyes met! Which was quite often because they couldn’t get enough of each other!! Zander constantly was complimenting Natalie and just comforting her. These two were absolute naturals throughout their entire session!! It definitely helped that Natalie used to dance when she was younger, so the lines she created were just beautiful!!

But let’s be honest, she is beautiful to begin with!!

I don’t think I have ever had such a calm and refreshing session like this one. Part of me doesn’t even know how to explain it! These two were just happy to be wrapped up in each other’s arms. Taking in each quiet moment. Hand-in-hand through it all! Natalie and Zander, I cannot wait for your wedding day at the beautiful Farm at Eagles Ridge! If the day goes anything like your session, you are going to have one beautiful day ahead as you two become husband and wife! I cannot wait to see you two again on that day and meet all your amazing family and friends that have made you who you are!! Until then, enjoy the photos from your session! 🙂

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

couple walking along street with a line of trees on either side couple kissing along street couple holding hands walking and looking at each other guy with arms around girl and looking at her couple standing forehead to forehead guy twirling girl at Masonic Village couple sitting on steps looking at each other couple standing in front of fountain arms wrapped around each other guy standing straight towards camera and girl holding onto his arm in front of Masonic Village Gardens couple walking hand in hand across garden guy leaning against column and girl wrapped around his neck with foreheads touching engagement ring on flowers couple sitting among garden guy lifting girl in front of grand stair at Masonic Village

Engagement Session

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