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A Breezy Floral Filled Summer Engagement Session at Masonic Village in Elizabethtown, PA

Aug 29, 2019

There are just some couples that I am just super excited to see for their engagement session. Something during our first chat just really sparks, and I get so excited to see them!! Now don’t get me wrong, I am overly excited to see every couple. I mean they are all new friends, but sometimes, it just feels like the anticipation of seeing an old friend again! This feeling definitely happened leading up to Kaleigh and Mark’s engagement session! 

I was like a little kid in a candy store on my drive to Masonic Village in Elizabethtown!!

And you know what, the moment of seeing them didn’t disappoint at all! We were actually following each other for the last five minutes of the drive, so it was instant laughter when we both pulled into the same parking lot and pulled up next to each other! It is always just so easy with each of my couples! 

I just love the HMP Family!!! 

But right now, I am specifically loving Kaleigh and Mark. Just wait until you see my favorites from this session. I started to pick them and realized, at first, I was selecting basically every other one. I know you would have loved to see that, but I have to keep some a secret. 😉 Build up some suspense. These two are not only absolutely gorgeous and so easy to photograph, but the whole evening with them was so fun and a breath of fresh air. They truly just love being around each other. At some points, I would be ready to switch positions and just check the back of my camera to make sure everything looks great. But when I would look up after? They would still be wrapped up in each other.

Just loving the moment.

Kaleigh and Mark were just so happy to be with each other. Embracing the other and smiling at the person they would soon call their spouse. Man, just thinking about that makes me soooo happy for them! They definitely deserve each other!! A perfect complement between the two of them. Mark was a little quiet to start, but any time we would talk about their future, or I would ask him to look at her, a smile instantly came across his face! He was willing to do anything if it meant it would make her happy.

And I am sure that is how he feels everyday he is with her.

At the end of the session, I had Mark stand slightly behind Kaleigh and just come up behind and surprise her with a hug or kiss or however he wanted to show he loved her! At first, he mentioned a few options jokingly, but when it was actually game time, he came up as softly and comforting as possible. He squeezed her close. Letting her know, he would always be by her side caring for her. (Check out the last photo to see her reaction). Kaleigh has so much support and love from this man, and I know she isn’t taking it for granted at all! I am telling you, these two are a perfect combination and accent each other’s qualities so well!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

guy and girl standing with arms around each other in an open field girl smiling up at guy holding his arms as he smiles at camera guy and girl touching nose and smiling couple walking in open field of grass, as she smiles at the camera guy twirling girl on street surrounded by line of trees on either side couple holding hands facing each other with eyes closed at Masonic Village couples engagement session at tree row at Masonic Village couple embracing each other at top of steps overlooking gardens at Masonic Village engagement ring on a patch of pinkflowers couples engagement session at the gardens at Masonic Village in Elizabethtown couple nuzzling in close with noses touching at side of fountain ring shot as couple touches noses with eyes closed couple holding hands with foreheads touching behind a patch of pink flowers girls giggling at camera with guy nuzzling into her and smiling girl smiling at camera while guy nuzzles in couple sitting beside pink flowers couple walking in a pergola at Masonic Village guy has hand on girls cheek and pulls her in as they rest foreheads together couple walking with his arm around her shoulders through pergola at gardens at Masonic Village ring shot and couple standing in front of ponds at Masonic Village formal garden

guy comes up behind girl and hugs her tightly as she starts to giggle

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