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Woodsy Cabin, Intimate Wedding in White Haven, PA

Jul 8, 2020

As the buildup became too much, an uncontrollable spray flew out from all sides around their thumbs. Laughter and smiles was all that could be seen through the droplets of liquid flying in the air. But the crazy funnel of liquid flying through the air wasn’t what caused all the smiles on everyone’s faces. It was the pure love and excitement that Evan and Michelle had as they laughed with each other.

This is what Evan and Michelle have to say about COVID trying to stop their wedding from happening.

couple shaking up and spraying corona bottles at wedding

If you can’t tell, those are Coronas that they are spraying all around. To them? Their love can never be canceled. And they made sure to show that by still having their wedding on their original date. Yes, it may not have been with all of the family and friends they had hoped, but it was with the people they loved most. The ones that have truly been there through it all. Who have watched them grow together in their friendship. Relationship. Engagement.

And now marriage.

They truly embraced this crazy time. Instead of just having their bridal party drive in for a small wedding and then head home. They created a full weekend filled with fun and celebration. The bridal party was invited to come and stay at the cabin they were going to get married at to have a big celebration . Oh…and it just so happened to be July 4th! So Friday night was a mixed bachelor/bachelorette party, and Saturday was their wedding and Independence Day celebration. They truly made the best of this weekend and creating unforgettable memories together.

And we still get to do it all again next year!

Michelle and Evan, you are an absolute dream! Between Michelle’s love of wedding details and all the photos, and Evan’s incredible skills to build almost every wood piece at the ceremony – he made the arbor, small table, anniversary box, ring box, and wooden lanterns that lined the aisles. Quite the handyman! This day was an absolute blast with you and your wedding party. Constant laughs, smiles, and so much celebrating.

And this was only part one!

I can’t wait to do it all again next year with an even bigger party and celebration. You two are so down-to-earth, and I just love watching you take everything in. You deserve all the love and support you have around you. I know they will help you every step of the way and have given you such a great example to follow as you start this journey together. Until next year, enjoy these highlights of your wedding day (part one)! And let the planning for part 2 begin. (Who knows, my husband may just have to come to lend more shoes and sunglasses as needed next time, haha).

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

wedding details on metal tray and basket of white florals candles in wood boxes to line the aisle groom walking down aisle to wait for bride at wedding ceremony, and wedding rings bridal details of bella belle shoes and perfume bottle dad walking bride down the aisle with cabin in the background intimate wedding at a cabin in the woods wedding ceremony at a cabin in the woods wedding sign at end of aisle with the couple standing up at the alter during the ceremony bride and groom sharing a kiss as they walk back down the aisle wooden handmade anniversary box with letters from bride and groom to each other and a bottle of wine bridesmaids smiling at camera in the middle of woods groomsmen all wearing sunglasses staring at camera in a flying v formation full bridal party smiling at camera with woods all around bride and groom with both sets of parents with each couple sharing a kiss cabin summer wedding with bride and groom portraits husband and wife holding hands on stone road in middle of woods smiling at each other bride and groom portraits in the woods bride and groom resting foreheads together simling bride and groom portraits on path in the middles of the woods husband has arms wrapped around his wife and both smiling at camera full shot of bride in wedding dress smiling down at white flower bouquet bride smiling at camera holding wedding bouquet couple shaking up and spraying corona bottles at wedding full bridal party cheering as couple shares kiss

See their engagement session:

Michelle and Evan Engagement Session


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