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Lancaster County Park Summer Engagement Session

Aug 12, 2020

They sat along the soft grass. The sun setting behind them, shining light through the tree branches at Lancaster County Park. Only the faint sound of baseball players hollering in the background.
And then Gino began to play his guitar. A beautiful tune came from the instrument. Kelsey instantly smiled. As if this song had been from a special moment in their lives. And it had been…a very significant memory in their relationship.

This was the instrumental version of the song Gino played (and sang) when he proposed to Kelsey.

It was just beautiful! And it didn’t even have the words to it. I could only imagine how surprised Kelsey was when he started to sing. It must have been the perfect proposal she could have ever dreamed of! As if it was a fairytale story!

And man, I wish I had been a fly on the wall to see it!

But Kelsey? She absolutely deserves every moment of it! And this incredible guy! She is one of the sweetest people I know! We went to the same high school but were several years apart; however, we each knew of each other, and I never heard any bad thing about her! She was a great friend. A sweet person. And loved by so many. Now that we have officially met, I would have to completely agree!

So many of my couples say how thankful they are to have me as their photographer.

But honestly? I’m the one that is truly thankful that they chose me. And that I can now call them friends! Kelsey and Gino, you two made me want to have you as close friends the moment we started chatting about your wedding day. It was instant conversation. Nonstop laughter. And just great memories already. I am so beyond excited to be on this journey with you and help you have the wedding day you dreamed of! You truly deserve it! I can’t wait to see it all come together, and you know I will be going crazy behind the camera as you finally say I Do!

2021 can’t come soon enough!

But until then? I can’t wait to see our friendship grow stronger. To see you two continue to grow together. And to watch this beautiful day unfold. Oh, and for you to enjoy some of my favorites from your engagement session! 🙂 Let me just tell you, it was sooo hard choosing these because I wanted to share so many more!! Enjoy!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engagement session at Lancaster County Park couple standing in front of row of big trees with light coming through and guy is nuzzling into girls cheek whil she smiles to camera guy hugging girl from behind while they both smile at the camera close photo of couples hands and engagement ring couple at Lancaster County Park for their engagement session couple holding hands and walking together with sun light coming through trees behind guy smiling to side as girl gives him a kiss on the cheek couple holding Mr and Mrs sign while resting foreheads together couple in dress and suit jacket with arms around each other and girl smiling off to side of camera couple having engagement session at Lancaster County Park engagement ring on sidewalk guy nuzzling into side of girls cheek while she smiles at camera groom smiling to camera as girl hugs him from behind and smiles at him engagement session in the summer at Lancaster County Park in Lancaster Pennsylvania couple walking across field smiling at each other holding hands couples engagement session at Lancaster County Park with guy playing guitar guy dipping girl and sharing a kiss in the middle of open field engagement ring resting on guitar with custom picks couple sitting on grass with pond behind as they both smile to camera engagement session in open field at Lancaster County Park guy hugging girl from behind and nuzzling into her cheek while she smiles off to side engagement session at Lancaster County Park in Lancaster, Pennsylvania girl holding hand out with ring while the couple kisses

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  2. […] Lancaster County Park Summer Engagement Session […]

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