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Overlook Park Summer Engagement Session

Aug 25, 2020

For each of my couples, I send over a relationship questionnaire pretty soon after they book with me. It is a fun way for them to relive their memories from their dating years, why they love each other, and look forward to their future together. But I also love reading through their answers. It really helps me get to know them as a couple. And I think almost every time I read one, I always have a moment where I catch myself saying “Aww” out loud because of something they wrote.

Melanie and Chris’s was no different.

Although all of their answers were adorable, there were three that really stood out to me, especially now that we have been together for their engagement session.
I asked each of them to share their three favorite things about the other person. Melanie wrote that she loved how much he makes her laugh, how much he cares, and his support for her.

I mean, come on. What a guy!!!

That first one was completely accurate almost immediately when we started their session at Overlook Park. Chris had her laughing instantly. And he continued it throughout the entire session. So many times, he would lean into her ear and whisper something, and seconds later, she would be cracking up laughing. The two of them shared so many of these sweet moments throughout the session, and it just made my heart melt.

You could just see how much love and care he had for making sure Melanie was happy!

Now for what Chris said about her. He mentioned she was loving, compassionate, and intelligent. Just like Chris’s qualities, these qualities for Melanie were apparent so quickly. Any chance she could, she loved holding his hand, giving him a kiss, or sharing a quick smile with him. She just loved being around him every moment, and it just oozed out of her the entire session. And if I had to guess, every moment they were together! The love between these two is like what you see in a fairytale.

Unconditional! Never-ending. Strong!

For the last answer that stuck out to me on their questionnaire, I asked them to describe themselves as a couple. They wrote, “Always willing to try something once! Fun-loving, sense of humor, and Chris trying to help Melanie become more outdoorsy.” The answers they gave about each other rings so true in this answer about them as a couple. Melanie always wants to make Chris happy. She is willing open herself up and learn to enjoy the outdoors.
If that’s where he is, that’s where she wants to be. And the other three points, I honestly feel like I could have described them as that! It rings so true when they are together! Constant laughter. Up for anything. And always trying to keep things fun and upbeat! It’s who they are!

And together, it’s an even better combination!

Melanie and Chris, please keep that constant laughter, that love for each other, and that willingness to do anything for the other going. It has been such a joy becoming friends with you two! You instantly put a smile on my face just thinking about you guys. I can’t wait to be with you during this season of life. To watch you two grow even closer together and try new things hand-in-hand. But to be honest, I am most excited to see you two get married! To start this new journey together, smiling the whole way through it! I am so happy for you two and so thankful that I get to capture all of these memories for you to cherish forever!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie


coupld facing each other and smiling towards camera with arms wrapped around each other surrounded by a grove of pine trees in Lancaster, PA couple's engagement session at Overlook Park in Lancaster during the summer, guy in blue button up and girl in navy blue floral dress couple walking in a grove of pine trees smiling at each other while girl holds onto dress as it blows in the wind engagement session in a grove of pine trees at Overlook Park, Lancaster, PA couple walking with arms around each other smiling at each other with pine trees running along side them couple standing with pine trees on either side of them smiling at each other with sun shining between trees from behind engagement session photos at Overlook Park during the summer in a grove of pine trees copule smiling at camera with girl resting head on guys shoulder, surrounded by grove of pine trees at Overlook Park girl and guy individual photos surrounded by a grove of pine trees in Lancaster, PA couple's engagement session during the summer at an open field of wild grasses guy in blue shirt and Khakis dipping girl in navy blue floral dress surrounded by tall wild grasses couple at Overlook Park in Lancaster, PA for summer engagement session guy lifting girl while they share a kiss surrounded by tall grasses in an open field at Overlook Park engagement session at Overlook Park in Lancaster couple sitting in grass with foreheads touching and guy holding onto her cheek guy facing away from camera as girl holds on to his arm and they share a kiss in an open field with tall grasses engagement session photos in Lancaster, PA with willow trees couple standing among willow trees facing each other with arms wrapped around and foreheads touching couple standing in front of willow tree with girl hugging guy from behind smiling at him as he smiles off to side


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