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Summer Field Twin Senior Session at Overlook Park

Aug 20, 2020

When one of your senior spokesmodels is a twin and asks to do her senior session with her sister, you instantly get excited and say…..

Of course!!!

Why would I not want two beautiful seniors together in front of my camera in one night? It’s a perfect combination, especially at the gorgeous Overlook Park. And man, I am so glad it all worked out because Keely helped me see Ireland’s personality so well! I loved it! The two of them are so bubbly and full of energy!

Man, I remember when I used to have all that energy!

Some days, you wish you had a second camera to take photos of yourself in crazy angles to get the shot. But at this session, I wish I had a camera to photograph behind me, while I was taking photos of one of the twins alone! It was a constant dance party going on behind me. Even without any music playing! I am not lying when I said they were full of so much energy! We chatted about colleges they were interested in. Sports they played (and are hoping to play this year). Netflix shows.

And of course TikTok!

I have not joined the bandwagon yet, but my senior spokesmodels are determined to teach me, by the end of the school year! So watch out, everyone! Of course, Ireland and Keely had to chat with me about it to make sure I was staying focused on the goal! I may just have to give TikTok a try soon! Wish me luck!
As most siblings do, these two sisters have their fair share of fights, but the friendship they have is strong through it all! I loved watching them laugh together as they told me funny stories from their childhoods.

It was truly an evening to remember!

I am an only child, and to be honest, I loved it! But seeing siblings getting along together and sharing in countless laughs, puts the biggest smile on my face! These two have fun and a strong relationship! Although they may split at the end of the year and head in different directions once they graduate, they still have so many months before that to create memories that will last forever. And then, when the time comes for them to part, they will cherish these memories even more. And most likely share TikToks back-and-forth daily!

Ireland, I am so excited to have you on my senior spokesmodel team!

This year is going to be incredible with you and the other girls! I am so, so happy you brought your sister along for your session! I couldn’t have asked for a better set of twins to kickoff my week of sessions! You two bring out the best in each other. Fights may happen, but never lose that friendship you two have! It will take you so far! I hope you two enjoy these favorites; there are so many more to come soon!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

senior session at Overlook Park at a grove of pine trees senior in white pants walking between rows of grove trees smiling at camera senior session at row of grove trees at Overlook Park seinor in jean jacket with floral pink dress standing in grove of pine trees senior walking across the camera smiling over her shoulder senior session at Overlook Park, Lancaster, PA senior with hand on hip looking over shoulder smiling at camera with grove of pine trees around senior walking through grove of pine trees smiling at camera twin seniors holding hands and smiling at camera seniors that are twins hugging each other with tall grasses behind senior standing on Overlook for senior session in Lancaster, PA senior standing among tall grasses with white skirt and floral shirt smiling at camera senior standing amoung tall grasses smiling at camera at Overlook Park, in Lancaster, PA senior girl looking over shoulder in blue romper with tall grasses around senior walking in white skirt and jean jacket on with tall grass field behind senior smiling off to side of camera with hand on hip in a blue romper with talll grasses around at Overlook Park twin seniors smiling at camera with pink flowering tree around them twin seniors walking with arms linked laughing at each other twin senior session at Overlook Park, Lancaster, PA twin senior session at Overlook Park, with seniors holding hands and backs against each other smiling at each other over shoulders

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