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Bright, Flower-Filled Senior Session in Mount Joy, PA

Aug 7, 2020

If I had to give a score for this senior session, it would definitely be a…..

10 out of 10!

Kat’s senior session was at the beautiful Donegal Presbyterian Church in Mount Joy! It was full of beautiful flowers everywhere we looked and so many “hidden treasure” locations. I have photographed there before and didn’t even know some of these spots were right behind me. I just love making each session unique, and this location definitely did that for us!
Kat is one of my 2020 seniors, but unfortunately, COVID pushed her spring session back quite a few months. But I would say, it worked out perfectly! We could not have asked for a better evening, and it was so much fun chatting with her about her upcoming school year at college. Although it may look different than the typical freshman year orientation, she seems so ready for this new chapter in her life! She even gets an extended summer which I am pretty jealous about!

Kat made the session so easy and a ton of fun!

Her outfits were on-point, and that smile of hers was to die for. And giggles? We didn’t have a hard time doing that at all! It was almost nonstop the entire time. At one point, I asked her to do a soft smile towards me with her lips closed, and right away, she seemed nervous about it. She said she doesn’t typically do them, so she doesn’t know if she looks good that way. I snapped a couple and walked over to her to show her some, and her reaction was priceless.

“Wait…those actually look really great! I love them!”

She was so right! She did look amazing in them! It makes my heart so happy when they surprise themselves with how incredible they look! I love it! She even had her sister along complimenting her the whole time! I completely recommend bringing a hype person to your session.
Trust me, I am an epic hype girl, but having two people there, it makes it even better! Double the compliments. Double the support. And of course, twice as much fun!!

We truly had an incredible time together!

Kat, I wish you the absolute best as you head off to college. Keep that smile on your face the whole time. Well, maybe throwing in one of those soft smiles every now and then…now that you know you’re amazing at it! Take every moment in, and just enjoy your time! It truly goes by so fast, and you will make so many memories along the way. Thank you so much for allowing me to capture this milestone for you! Hope you always look back on these and remember all the memories from your senior year!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

senior leaning against white door frame smiling at camera senior session at white door with light green pastel dress senior leaning on her hands that are resting on knees as she smiling during camera senior standing along white building with hand on hip smiling over her shoulder senior walking along white building wearing a light green dress senior session in Mount Joy Pennsylvania with colorful flowers all around her senior sitting beside colorful flowers looking at camera with hand resting on shoulder high school senior session with senior in light green flowy dress smiling towards the camera senior walking along path in front of white house smiling towards the camera summer senior session in Mount Joy senior smiling off camera with hand resting on her neck and flowers surrounding her senior session in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania senior smiling with hands on hip while she stands in field of wild grasses senior standing in field of wild grasses for senior session senior smiling over shoulder with flowers all around her senior session at Donegal Presbyterian Church in Mount Joy senior smiling down towards side with willow branches all around her senior sitting on lawn smiling off to side senior leaning against stone wall during sunset session senior session in Mount Joy of senior smiling through willows all around her


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