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Hometown Farm Senior Session in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

Aug 13, 2020

They say the third times the charm.

Well, for Katie and I, we like to say it’s the fourth time that’s the real charm! It took us four different dates to finally have her senior session.

1. COVID canceled the first session back in April because no one was allowed to leave the house.

2. Katie got into a pretty bad biking accident and didn’t want cuts and bruises all over for her photos. (I don’t blame her!)

3. A huge storm blew through the evening of our third date.

4. We finally had the session on a beautiful, sunny summer evening this past Monday.

It became a running joke for us that we may see each other again eventually…She is one of my 2020 Senior Spokesmodels, and it almost took until she left for college to finally have her session.

But in the end, it was all worth the wait.

The sun was shining. Kittens were running around. Flowers were in full bloom around her family’s farm. We couldn’t have asked for a better evening or backdrop for her session.
This farm in Elizabethtown has been in her family for years, so it was extra special when she mentioned about having it there. I was completely onboard. Not only do I love the look of open fields and farmland, but I love when my seniors pick locations that are unique to them! It makes their photos even more meaningful!
Katie is honestly one of the kindest people I know. She is so down-to-earth but loves to share a good laugh. She is quiet but so well-spoken. And man, she is smart. During her senior year, she was already taking several college classes while also working!

Have I mentioned that my senior spokesmodels are geniuses?

Well, let me tell you, they are! She will be heading to Florida for college in only a few days, and they better watch out because they have one smart cookie coming at them! They are definitely lucky to have her studying at their school! I know she is going to kill it.
It is always hard to see my senior spokesmodels head out to their next adventure. I have been with them for a full year and gotten so close to each of them! But I know Katie is going to be incredible in this next stage of her life. I am just so excited to see where it takes her! I know it will be far. She has a bright future ahead and will continue to make long-lasting friends, no matter where she goes.

Katie, I am so blessed to call you a friend!

Good luck with everything that is to come. Stay in touch. And if your kitties ever need a little loving, just let me know, and I will be right over 🙂

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

senior session at seniors farmhouse in Elizabethtown, PA senior smiling over her shoulder at camera with white barn behind senior photos beside green tree in front of white barn senior walking and smiling towards camera while holding her flip flops in hand senior has arms wrapped around waist and is smiling off to side of camera senior walking along side white barn with windows senior session on family farmhouse with kittens senior standing against old barn smiling over shoulder wearing white off the shoulder long sleeve shirt and jeans senior leaning againt white barn for senior photos senior smiling over shoulder holding a piece of her hair leaning against white barn senior session at family farmhouse in Elizabethtown senior holding arm behind back and looking over shoulder while standing in front of old barn with white wood door senior looking softly at camera holding hands together behind her back with feet crossed at ankles in front of barn door senior smiling at camera and leaning towards it senior standing in path between fields of tall grass with tree in distance behind senior holding arm and smiling off side of camera in path between tall grasses on farm in Elizabethtown senior sitting with florals around her smiling at camera senior sitting with one leg bent up and other straight out and arm resting on knee while smiling to side senior leaning forward and resting chin on hand while smiling at camera with florals around senior standing beside cow pasture with cows grazing behind during sunset senior photos on family farm during sunset in summer in Elizabethtown high school senior walking along cow pasture with cows in distance as she smiles off to side

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