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Colorful Summer Walk Down Memory Lane around Messiah College

Aug 7, 2019

Has the question ever popped in your head, “I wonder if our paths ever crossed that we were in the same place at the same time and had no clue?” For Lauren and Sean, that very well may have been the case. Lauren grew up only a couple streets away from Messiah College and would often ride her bike in the area and through the campus. This area was her stomping grounds. Sean remembers going to the creek that runs through the campus and tubing along it as a kid. I wonder if there was ever a time they passed each other and never realized that is was going to be the person they would end up marrying.

So crazy to think!

That could have been the spark. That started a little pilot flame. Which in the end, ignited the fire once they crossed paths through mutual friends, many years later. I could totally be lost in the love story, but wouldn’t that be so cool if that’s how it happened? I think I’ll keep believing it!

Either way, Lauren and Sean’s love is one for the books. Filled with laughter. Love. Care. And above all, good times. These two know how to make any moment together a joyful one. They even loved dancing together in the middle of a bridge with no music.

Laughter was the only sound in the air.

Plus, my giggles from behind the camera as I watched their love radiate around them! I can’t say enough about these two. Lauren is beautiful and confident in every way and absolutely killed each photo! And Sean? He was dubbed the “Nuzzle King.” No matter the position, he made it look effortless and was always there protecting Lauren. I think this perfectly explains the relationship between these two. Lauren is a go-getter and isn’t afraid to go for what she wants. Now don’t get me wrong, Sean is definitely that, as well, but he also knows how to support and encourage Lauren through all of her dreams.

These two make a dynamic duo, and I know nothing will stand in their way.

Lauren and Sean, I am soooooo excited for your wedding day! It sounds like it is such a unique and beautiful venue. It will be the perfect backdrop to capture your love it. But who am I kidding? I think any place would be because you two are just so cute together. Plus, I’m beyond excited to get you two back in front of my camera! I hope you two enjoy these photos because I am completely dying over them!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

couple holding hands at side smiling at camera in front of red bridge at Messiah College

Girl slightly turned away from guy and looking back at hime with sun coming through trees behing
couple chest to chest with sun coming in from behind them
couple standing in water kissing in front of red bridge at Messiah College

guy looking to side and bride looking up at him and smiling while standing in water
guy resting head on girls temple while she smiles off to side and they are sitting on rock alongside creek

couple kissing in bridge at Messiah College
couple chest to chest with foreheads touching at edge of red bridge at Messiah College

girl smiling off to side as guy nuzzles in to her cheek and both smiling
couple dancing on stone bridge with trees all behind

bride laughing off to side and guy as armed wrapped around her and is smiling to her

engagement ring on a leaf
couple kissing at center of stone bridge
girl off to the side and leaning up to kiss guy

guy kissing girl on cheek in middle of road that is lined with trees

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