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Summer Engagement Session Among the Willows at Overlook Park in Lancaster, PA

Jul 31, 2019

One of the first comments I often get from my couples at their engagement session is: “We both are super awkward in front of the camera, so you are going to have to help us the entire way.” I love to hear this because it reassures me that my couple trusts me and is willing to follow my lead to get them the most flattering and genuine images.

Yes, I start out with a few basic poses just to get them comfortable in front of the camera and being with each other, but then I really try to loosen up on the direction and let them embrace each other how they feel most comfortable! I love adding in littles games or movement throughout the session to give the photos breath. This nervous feeling occurred at Kayla and Steven’s session, but let me tell you, by the end? By the end, these two were so natural with each other that I just got to stand behind my camera and capture the love the two of them share everyday.

To say that their session was nothing short of breathtaking would be an understatement.

From the absolutely gorgeous dresses that Kayla wore to the way these two laughed and just chatted between each photo, it’s so obvious how much these two have fallen head-over-heels for each other. Steven, may have been quiet throughout the session, but when he looked at Kayla?

All the words he needed to say came spilling out!

Through each smile that came across her face, one perfectly matched on Steven’s. He may not have loved the photos at the beginning, but to see Kayla happy was all he needed. Kayla beautifully flowed as the dresses blew in the wind around her and laid back at her side as they shared a kiss. I felt like I was photographing the filming of a love story. And let me tell you, I didn’t want the movie to end!!!

Kayla and Steven, you two put a smile on my face from the very beginning. You two are absolute naturals together! There wasn’t anything awkward when it came to you two being together in each other’s arms. I am so honored to have met you two! You are both so loving and easy-going, with a little splash of fun! I am so excited to see your wedding day come together with all your family and friends around! My heart is soooo excited for your wedding day and to see your love story continue to grow! For now, enjoy your love story captured from your engagement session!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

couple walking in grass field while guy looks at girl smiling at camera couple touching foreheads with eyes closed girl looking up at guy while he smiles at camera couple kissing with sun hitting the back of their heads couple looking at each other with foreheads touching in the middle of pine trees couple holding hands and looking at each other surrounded by rows of pine trees guy twirling girl surrounded by trees at Overlook Park engagement ring of a leaf coupling wrapped in each other's arms surrounded by willows guy behind the girl with his hands wrapped around her with willow trees behind couple kissing with willow trees around them

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