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Rainbow Filled Summer Engagement Session at Overlook Park, Lancaster PA

Aug 21, 2019

Surrounded by lines of tall pine trees. Hearing nothing but the faint sound of birds chirping above. He slowly wrapped his arms around her waist. Each slowly closing their eyes and resting their foreheads together, waiting until the absolute last second because they didn’t want to stop looking at the one they called their fiancé. Pausing for a moment to just take in everything they have been through, and everything that was still yet to come, he slowly brought his hand up to her cheek to pull her in for a soft kiss.

Their love for each other just pouring out in each small movement they made.

As they finished the kiss, they started to laugh out loud. Richard laughing with a little extra character to lighten the mood. But from my perspective? It was one of the most genuine smiles! He was exuding happiness as he looked at Kimberly wrapped up in his arms.

No matter what, he would always be happy when she was in his arms.

Kimberly and Richard are the most light-hearted couple! They constantly are making each other laugh and just living in the moment! They may think that they are awkward in front of the camera, but wait till you see these photos! Once they were able to just focus on each other and forget that I was even there, they became models in my opinion. Each look. Each smile.

It expressed their unconditional love for each other!

You two are the absolute best!! I just love this session with you! We talked about so much, and I truly feel like we have been friends for so long! And the rainbow? That was just a cherry on the top. Especially since only a few drizzles came before it!! I hope you two absolutely love these photos. Because I totally do! They make my heart smile!

Enjoy my favorites from my session with Kimberly and Richard.

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

couple with arms around each other in front of field of purple flowers guy with arms around girl and her back to his chest, he is looking down at her and she is smiling off camera detail of girls back of her dress as she looks up at guy guy and girl looking at each other in front of purple flower field at Overlook Park, Lancaster, PA couple holding hands with chest pressed against each other couple in front of purple flower field at Overlook Park, Lancaster, PA rainbow and couple walking in front of tall wild grasses girl resting head on guys chest and he looking down at her girl resting head on guys chest and he looking down at her guy twirling girl in row of trees couple looking at each other with camera shot peeking through trees couple walking while looking at each other along tree row at Overlook Park, Lancaster r=detail shot of ring guy kissing girls nose in front of willow tree couple kissing among the willow trees girl looking over shoulder back at camera and he is nuzzling into her temple

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