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Cozy Fall Engagement Session at Overlook Park

Oct 31, 2019

The day started out very gloomy. It was pouring down rain pretty badly all morning. So bad that puddles were forming everywhere! In my head, I started thinking that our chances were getting slimmer and slimmer. I pulled out my phone, thinking it would be this way all day and that we would have to reschedule, but it stayed consistent that, by 3:00 PM, it would be all sunshine.

As the hours ticked by, I still wasn’t sure that it would pull through. I thought it would be another instance where the weather on the app didn’t match the weather in real life.

I’m sure Morgan was feeling the same way!

She is a nurse and works hours that are always changing from week-to-week. So scheduling a session that we both were free was quite challenging! As 2:00 PM approached, the rain had subsided, but the clouds were still pretty heavy. I knew at that point we would be good-to-go, but I was still holding on to that hope for the sunshine! I always want each couple to have a beautiful day for their session!

Since an engagement session only ever happens once!

Slowly, as the time got closer for the shoot, the clouds began to break, and the sun slowly started to peak through! I couldn’t believe that earlier that day it was POURING outside, and now, I could see full sunshine! Crazy how quickly the weather changes! (As I am typing this, I just got a warning on my phone that we are in a Tornado Watch for the rest of the evening). Ironic, right?

In the end, we had an absolutely gorgeous evening.

A slight breeze allowed her hair and dress to softly blow in the wind. A cool temperature to keep us all comfortable. And the gorgeous sun peeking through the fall leaves. They definitely had the weather everyone hopes for at their session! But, I think even if they didn’t, these two still would have shined! The smile that comes across Josh’s face when he looks at Morgan is just incredible! I constantly said he has one of the best smiles I have seen on a guy in awhile.

He instantly lights up when he sees her.

And man, oh man, Morgan’s giggle is to die for! Every time Josh would pull her in close or give her a kiss on the cheek, a little giggle would come out. I just LOVED it! So much joy between these two!! I could probably have kept photographing and talking to them for a whole other hour…or two! Man, it was such a great session! I hope you all see the love and happiness between these two as you scroll through some of my favorites below!!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engagement session for couple and she is in long flowly red dress and he is in blue pants with white button up engagement session for couple at Overlook Park girl has arms wrapped around this neck and they are going nose to nose engagement session for couple in front of tall grasses couple nose to nose and chest to chest with her dress blowing in the wind girl hold on to guys hand smiling at camera while he has hands in pocket and is smiling towards her couple facing away from camera and touching foreheads couple facing chest to chest in a field of tall wild grasses couple walking hand in hand with sun shining on them from behind looking at each other guy has arms wrapped around girl and they are smiling at each other engagement session at Overlook Park in a field of grasses engagement session at Overlook Park in a field of grasses girl has back to guys chest and they are holding hands in front and both smiling at camera engagement ring shot on rock girl leaning on guys back and smiling at him while he smiles at camera couple facing away from camera and sharing a kiss engagement session at Overlook Park in Lancaster PA couple amongst a forest of pine trees with sun shining in from behind engagement session in a forest of pine trees guy kissing girls forehead as she has eyes closed and is smiling couple walking with guys arm around her shoulders, smiling at each other couple holding hands girl looking camera as guy wraps arms around her from behind and smiles at camera couple walking with noses touching couple smiling at each other as guy is leaning against pine tree engagement session at Overlook Park in Lancaster County amoung tall pine trees blanket wrapped around couple as they cozy in to each other

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