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Fall Senior Spokesmodel Mini Sessions | Part 2

Oct 29, 2019

Oh my heart is so full!! My spokesmodel team is filled with some of the most amazing seniors, and I can’t wait for our year ahead! Abbi and Katie’s mini session was just as incredible as the last one!

Beautiful lighting. Gorgeous ladies. Warm weather. And tons of conversation!

What more could you ask for? Abbi and Katie instantly clicked, and half the time, I just got to listen to them chat with each other. It was everything I had hoped for (and more) with my spokesmodels!
I always get a little nervous to see if they get along. I have never had an issue, but the thought is always there. These two basically seemed like they had known each other for years!!

It makes my heart smile!

Abbi (you may recognize) had her senior session with me over the summer. You may remember her with the flamingo? 🙂 It was so great catching up with her! She is so active in her school and reminds me so much of myself!

Always on-the-go and involved in so much!

We had so much to catch up on, even in the few months since her last session. I know she is going to make such an impact in all she does! And I love that she ALWAYS has a smile on her face!

Meeting Katie for the first time was just the best! Instant hugs when she walked over. You know, I can never say no to that! She is just the sweetest and full of so much laughter! Currently, she is enrolled in a few college classes and also works at her job a few days a week. She is so dedicated at what she does and keeps a positive attitude through it all! Katie is a go-getter, and just like Abbi, she is going to go so far with her future!

I feel just so blessed!

So blessed to have met all of these girls. To watch them grow. To be a light in the world. And work hard at what they love! Abbi and Katie have so much ahead of them, and I can’t wait to see where it all takes them! But until then, I am sooooo excited they are a part of my senior spokesmodel team! We have a group session coming up in November, so stay tuned for more fun with these ladies!! Until then, enjoy their mini session photos! They literally look like models!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

fall senior session of two girls holding hands with backs against each other fall senior session among pine trees senior leaning against pine tree smiling toward camera senior sitting among pine trees senior standing among pine trees smiling over shoulder and holding hair back with hand seniors standing looking at camera and one has arm resting on others shoulder senior spokesmodel team mini session seniors walking in wild grass field holding hands talking with each other seniors standing in tall wild grass field looking over shoulders off camera


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