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Vendor Spotlight | DJ Mast Productions

Apr 14, 2020

Holy moly, we are in some uncharted territory. I have listened to more music in the past few weeks than I have in the past several years probably! Is that where you think I was going with that? I’m going to guess no, but nevertheless, it is the truth! There are so many amazing genres and artists to choose from that sometimes you forget ones until they pop up on your shuffle playlist, and then you have to go and listen to their entire album right away.

I may have done that once or twice so far.

I know for me on a regular day I struggle to pick what music I am in the mood for. Let alone, when I had to do it for our wedding day. My husband and I listened to so many different playlists to figure out what music we wanted at our cocktail hour, reception, and all of the special dances. It took hours! But if you find a DJ that you can trust, you shouldn’t have to do that! Trust them to make a mix that is perfect for your day, in every aspect! It is their job to help you with all things music and lighting when it comes to your wedding day.
mother and son dance together
I am so excited to have Josh Mast with DJ Mast Productions as a guest on the blog today! He is answering all of your frequently asked questions, so you can be fully prepared as you find the perfect DJ to lead the party on your wedding day! The information he gives is so helpful and things I wish I knew when I was looking for my own DJ! He and his team are so happy to answer these questions, but more importantly, they are eager to help answer your specific questions to make your wedding day exactly how you envisioned!

Get your notepad ready because you are in for some amazing information!

Before we get to it, though, I do just want to mention that I hope you all are doing well! It is definitely a crazy time for all of us, and I hope you are staying safe and healthy! Please just be smart, give your family extra virtual kisses when you chat with them, and try to enjoy some of this downtime however you can because when we get past this, and I know we will, things are going to pick right back up from the craziness that we’ve experienced! I am thinking of you all and wishing the best for you and your family! Please reach out if you need anything!!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

-Do I book a DJ for all parts of our wedding?

If you are having a wedding all on the same piece of property (but can be different areas) and you have a guest number over 30 or elderly guests in attendance, it would be a benefit to broaden your officiant’s voice (and potentially readings or personalized vowels). The word “broaden” is important to understand because volume is a small part of the process to create quality audio. Clarity in the projection is key. DJ Mast Productions provides three separated packages for ceremonies, cocktail/social hours and receptions. All setup prior to the ceremony start time, for testing and quality. For ceremonies we provide individualized leveling, equalization and advance feedback suppression to bring out the clarity in your officiant and other vocal projections. Our speaker placement is created to cover all areas of your guest seating so that the rear row hears the officiant as clearly as the front row.

-I want to have a good time, how do I find a DJ that provides that?

Make sure you feel comfortable with your DJ’s personality and trust in their quality control process and performance perspective. At DJ Mast Productions, we cater our day’s playlist specifically to each client. Each client will receive a fully customized experience that focuses on the songs and genres that they want. We never treat an event as a one-size-fits-all. The energy of your DJ should be able to be customized or at least naturally meet your preference. DJ Mast Productions will work to understand and provide your desired level of energy and MC presence. We want to make your event awesome, but make you the focus – not us.

group dancing at wedding reception

-How can I tell if a DJ can DJ professionally?

How a DJ approaches organization and the inquiry process can very much reflect their professionalism in DJing. Ultimately, you know what you want your DJ to mix like. If you prioritize quality transitions, make sure your DJ can explain how they make a quality transition and what their process is to keep energy in the dance experience. Some DJ’s just play one track into another, some scratch into every song, some blend the songs at quality transition points. If you want a higher-end experience, DJ Mast Productions knows how to transition in many different styles will be able to find the best transition style for the specific two songs being brought into the mix.

-What should a DJ do at an event?

Ideally, your DJ will both DJ and MC your event. DJing is for the musical experience, MCing is for the flow of the events and keeping your guests informed and involved. DJ Mast Productions’ value added service is to do both of the above, but also step away from the booth any time we can help in the coordination of events and how and when they can be most efficiently and effectively executed. DJ Mast Productions is here to make your events all happen, how you want them to. We see your whole day as our job, we do not just stand behind the DJ booth and wait for someone to tell us what to do.

-Are DJs the same but with different pricing?

From the above questions and points, and maybe from your research, you might be able to tell that there is a vast difference between DJs within every region. Going with a more expensive DJ will not always mean you get better service. Going with a cheaper DJ will not always just save you money for the same service. Equipment and DJ skill/experience is important. Shop around! Find out what pricing can look like, but it will also give you a good idea of the difference in how the businesses that you are inquiring with operate. DJ Mast Productions has always focused on providing high quality at a value. That does not mean that we are the cheapest, but that with the gear and professionalism we offer, we are below market value. We want our quality to be our first priority.

Ultimately, DJ Mast Productions wants you to find the right fit for your day! Whether that is with us or another DJ, we want to be a resource to you to help you answer your questions. We care more about your day being what you want it to be than we do about us being a part of it. However we can make your planning process easier, we want to do that – and make the memory of our clients’ wedding day and their guests experience something that is talked about for many years.

sparkler long exposure with bride and groom kissing in center

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