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The Story of Us, Part 1: The Final Stretch

May 8, 2020

You guys unanimously voted that you wanted to hear the story about Joel and I. So, here it is! I will be sharing our story from when we first met to all of the way up to the proposal, throughout several weeks as different blog posts. Keep on the lookout for the title “The Story of Us,” so you can keep up with our journey! I can’t wait for you to read! This is where it all began. Enjoy!

Welcome to the story of us!

It was a hot May Day. All the kids started filing into the stands. Four different elementary schools represented. Eyeing up their competition. It was the sixth grade district track meet! The day all the athletes in each school looked forward to and trained for during the second semester. Not to brag, but I was the fastest girl in our class and almost the fastest student in our class.


So I had high hopes for the day!

It was a full day of hanging out with my friends, doing different competitions, and getting a free pass out of class! That was the most important thing! But little did I know, there would be a bigger reason why I should have had high hopes for the day, that I didn’t know about for another six years. The different competitions began, and kids would slowly make their way down to the field as their event was called. Cheering was so loud in the stands; it really got you excited for the event. But nerves were definitely bubbling up inside, as you stepped foot on the high school stadium field!
The day slowly started to take off, and I was constantly up and down the bleachers as different events ended and began again. My day was going great! I had placed in almost all of my events and beat all of my records from our individual track meet earlier in the semester at our elementary school.

It was honestly an incredible day until…

The events were starting to come to an end. All the throwing and jumping events were complete, and the only things left were the co-ed relays! My favorite thing! Our team, in my opinion, was stacked! And it was with three of my closest friends. I actually brought up the rear for our team and was really excited about it.
We all took our positions. Slowed our breathing. And focused our eyes on the starting line.
As the sound went off to start the event, the other girl on our team took-off strong out of the gate. We had started to take a small lead from the other teams. Each time the baton was passed, our team slowly pulled farther ahead. The final person before me slowly drew closer, and I began my steps for him to pass off the baton. As it hit my hand, I closed my fist and just started sprinting towards the finish line. No other team was right beside me, and I was getting excited about bringing home another first place!

But then it happened…

As I started to come out of the final turn, I started to hear this thudding behind me. It slowly grew louder. We were about halfway down the final stretch, and all I can think was to hold on a little longer. But the stomps started getting closer and closer, until I could see this boy beside me. This was the first time I met my husband, Joel Leicy. He quickly took the lead and crossed the finish line steps ahead of me. Winning first place for his team. I was so disappointed!
Right as the race finished, he was gone and my friends were all around cheering about the second place. I wouldn’t see him again for several years after that, but I would never forget the guy who beat me on the final stretch of the elementary school district track meet! Little did I know that one day, many years down the road, I would end up marrying him!
Stay tuned for our high school years, and when we actually talked to each other for the first time! But for now, enjoy some photos of each of us during sixth grade!
Heather at holidays during 6th grade Heather's Birthday Party
My birthday party.
Heather playing soccer
Me playing soccer for CV United.
Heather's first day of 6th grade and halloween
My first day of 6th grade and Halloween costume.
Joel's school picture and birthday
Joel’s school picture and birthday cake
Joel with his dog Joel fishing Joel practicing for the track meet
Joel practicing at his elementary school for the race we would first meet each other at!


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