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What to Have in Your Bridal Emergency Kit

Apr 1, 2021

Is your wedding day just around the corner? Have you started to think about all the details you need to start gathering? One important kit to make sure you get packed up for the wedding day is your bridal emergency kit!

This bridal emergency kit will be a lifesaver on the wedding day!

This will hold all your essentials in case anything goes wrong, in terms of bridal malfunctions. We obviously hope not, but it is better to be prepared than not!

This is a quick item to check-off your packing list, since you only need a few of each item, just in case. I recommend putting it together about a week before the wedding day, so that it is ready to go, but you don’t need to stress about it during your wedding week. Pack it all up in a cute bag, so it is easy to transport and grab if the need arises on the wedding day. This list is the ultimate list to fix any issues that may arise: stomach, dress, makeup, hair, etc.

This list covers it all!

bride surrounded by all her bridesmaids as they help fluff her dress.

Plus it’s fun to check all these items off as you pack them. It is such a satisfying feeling to cross things off. Am I right? So, go ahead and print this blog post out, save it for later, or write down the items on your own list. Then, when the time comes, go ahead and pull it out and make sure you have everything packed, so you are extra prepared when your wedding day comes! Some things you may not think you will need, but trust me, you never know what may come up. Like I said above, it is better to be overly prepared then under-prepared! People you will find all the items in the Bridal Emergency Kit and an explanation of it’s importance if needed.

Have fun packing!!

bride looking down as she puts her wedding earrings in

Listerine: Got to have a good smelling breath for that first kiss 😉

Lotion: So your legs and arms are smooth for the photos.

Tums: In case that stomach isn’t cooperating.

Advil: To quickly zap a headache away.

Hairspray: Just in case there are fly-aways after your hairstylist leaves

Tampons: You know the reason for that 🙂

Floss: To get any pesky pieces of food out of your teeth before the photos begin

Altoids/Mints: Minty fresh breath is a must

Toothpaste: It’s a smart idea to brush your teeth one last time before the day gets underway.

Toothbrush: It’s a smart idea to brush your teeth one last time before the day gets underway.

Lip Gloss: Got to make those lips look amazing in the photos.

Chapstick: Chapped lips always come up when you least expect it.

Gum: Fresh breath, yes please!

Tweezers: In case you need to remove anything small on the wedding day.

Vaseline: Apply a little of this on your teeth so that it helps avoid lipstick stain on them.

Eye Drops: You just never know what may get in them.

Q-tips: It can help remove scuffs from your wedding shoes and also clean your ring for detail photos.

Wedding Detail Shot of Wedding Shoes and Wedding Ring

Bobby Pins: In case a piece of your hair starts falling out or loosening up.

Safety Pins: Heaven forbid something rips, you will be prepared to put it back together

Needles: In case you need to sew something back together on the wedding day

Sewing Thread: Make sure to have one that is white for the wedding dress, a similar color to the bridesmaids’ dresses, and one similar to the guys’ suits.

Band-Aids: Just in case a scab breaks open or a new cut occurs.

Lint Roller: For those suits, dog hair and lint can be a pain to keep off

Straw: For the bride to take a drink without messing up her lipstick.

Double-Sided Tape: To keep those dresses tight to your body in case they are a little loose.

Cotton Balls: To remove nail polish or apply anything in small doses.

Nail Polish (color and clear) and Remover: For any chipped nails, and also clear nail polish is great at stopping any tears from getting bigger.

Razor: Have a spot of hair you missed, easily take care of that.

Nail File: In case of hang nails that may arise.

Deodorant: Got to keep those armpits smelling good throughout the whole day

Tissues: Water-works are a given, let’s make sure your make-up doesn’t run

Super Glue: For anything that may break or fall off.

Chewy Bar: Often times, as the bride, you are going a mile-a-minute; make sure to eat something along the way.

Face Wipes: In case of sweat or anything else that may need to be lightly wiped off.

Scissors: For any of those pesky threads

mother of the bride zipping her up in her wedding dress

Hand Sanitizer: Always better to stay clean and safe

Hair Ties: Just in case it gets hot once you start breaking it down on the dance floor

Chalk: A perfect way to cover up a small dot or stain on your wedding dress if something gets on it during the day.

Dryer Sheets: This may seem random, but they are perfect to help with staticky hair or clothing.

Pepto-Bismol: Just in case your stomach isn’t feeling well. It is a pretty important and nerve-racking day.

Baby Powder: Can help remove stains, cover up stains, and help with chaffing between your thighs.

Bug Spray: You never know what bugs may be out.


Hope it helps!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

Bride putting her earrings in.


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