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Downtown Lititz, PA Spring Engagement Session

Apr 7, 2021

Megan and Eric held hands as they walked down the sidewalk of this cute town for their downtown Lititz, PA spring engagement session.

This was a walk they had done many time together and plan to do many more times. It is one of their favorite things to do together! The two of them grew up in Lititz and have so many memories individually and together from this town. It is a part of who they are and a big part of the relationship that formed between them. So much so that they will be getting married at The General Sutter Inn located at the heart of the town of Lititz.

This town is a piece of their story.

It just made sense to have their engagement session there, too, to tie it all together. Especially because their wedding will be in February (hopefully with a sprinkle of snow), and this session was at the peak of springtime!

Wait till you see the beautiful blooms that were all around!

Although Megan and Eric have moved a bit away from Lititz, they still come here regularly! I mean how could they not? They have been together for ten years and so many memories happened in this cute little town! From Wilbur chocolate to strolls through the park and feeding the ducks, these two have done it all. All while walking side-by-side, hands locked together!

Their Downtown Lititz, PA Spring Engagement Session was just the sweetest!

Megan wore the cutest dress that just screamed springtime. She was constantly smiling and just seemed so comfortable with Eric by her side. And Eric? What a great man he is for her. During most of the session, he was quiet and just taking it all in, but the way he looked at Megan said every word he didn’t speak!

His smile towards her was worth a thousand words!

I am so excited for their February wedding back in this cute small town! They will be surrounded by their closest friends and family, plus most of their vendors are friends as well. I can’t wait to see all the love and support that will shine through on their day! So for now, I hope these photos bring so much warmth and happiness as you scroll through them because we are going to need the warmth for their winter wedding day!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

couple holding hands strolling down sunny sidewalk by brick house in downtown lititz pennsylvania couple facing each other hugging tightly by gray stone house on sunny evening couple standing close almost kissing in front of tan historical building in lititz pennsylvania couple hugging as guy rests forehead against girl who's looking over her right shoulder smiling in lancaster pennsylvania guy wraps his arms around girl as they smile and hug tightly by historical building couple stands by front porch of beautiful tan historical building in downtown lititz pennsylvania on spring evening couple stands close together smiling by blooming cherry blossom tree girl wearing floral dress rests her forehead against guy wearing dark blue dress shirt smiling in lancaster pennsylvania bride-to-be displays diamond engagement ring as she wraps her arms around her man couple hugging tightly kissing in front of historical gray stone building in downtown lititz pennsylvania couple embracing as they stand by white doors of historical gray stone building couple touching noses smiling next to beautiful blooming tree in downtown lititz pennsylvania guy hugging girl and resting his forehead against hers as they smile by blooming tree in lancaster pennsylvania couple smiling and looking at each other on sunny spring evening couple walking along sidewalk by historical wilbur chocolate factory building in downtown lititz pennsylvania beautiful engagement ring displayed on sunny spring evening couple hugging near historical clock and wilbur chocolate factory building in lititz pennsylvania


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