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Pinnacle Overlook Fall Puppy Engagement Session

Oct 30, 2020

Puppy +fall colors + Pinnacle Overlook = the perfect combination for an engagement session.

Even if rain tries to cancel our fun, we don’t let it bring us down. Sadly, this seems to be a theme for me in 2020. Quite often when I have a session scheduled for the evening, the radar shows that it is supposed to rain all day long. But each hour passes, and the radar shifts, and the percentages change, and it makes for a difficult decision to either go ahead with the session or postpone it.

All I want to do is give my couples the best session!

So, as Madie and Tyler’s day arrived, the forecast showed rain the entire day. Unlike the other times, it actually did rain in the morning. And each hour it continued to rain, and rain, and rain. My hopes slowly dropped, but at the same time, so did the chance of rain. I couldn’t believe it.
Madie and I were texting back and forth constantly. Try to figure out what to do. Right when we would think let’s go for it, one of us would look outside, and it would be raining again.

Honestly, it was stressing me out!

They were driving about an hour for the session, so I wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to be rained out. In the end, Madie and Tyler were all for taking the chance, and so we did it! Sometimes, you can just tell when someone is watching over you. It drizzled my entire drive there, stopped for the entire session, and literally, as we were walking back to the cars at the end, it started to come down again.

It is the story of my 2020 season.

I am so blessed to have couples that are just up for anything. For taking chances. For having fun no matter what! Let me tell you, we had so much fun at their engagement session at Pinnacle Overlook! They brought their pup along who was soooo obsessed with them. Anytime we would do photos of just the two of them, you would hear Dancer whining behind me.

All he wanted was to be next to them!

We also scaled boulders, hiked up a rocky path, and danced on the edge of a cliff! These two were up for anything to get the shot, and I feel so blessed for how much my couples trust me! It is truly an honor! Madie and Tyler, I am hoping for sunny skies on your wedding day next year! Although, this session turned out amazing, you deserve some sunshine on your day! I’ll start doing my sunshine dance! In the end, I’m so happy to call you two friends. You two have so much happiness and are so full of joy! I loved being around you two and just watching your special love shine through! I cannot wait to see you two again!!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

couple hugging atop stunning fall overlook at pinnacle point on cloudy day couple snuggling atop overlook with large river and trees behind them on fall day couple hugging and kissing next to colorful trees atop pinnacle point in holtwood pennsylvania guy resting forehead against girl by colorful fall leaves overlooking river guy wrapping arms around girl on cloudy day by fall foliage at pinnacle point in lancaster pennsylvania couple hugging atop beautiful lookout with fall trees and river behind them couple walking atop fall lookout at pinnacle point in central pennsylvania couple with puppy wearing shirt that says my humans are getting married couple hugging tightly among fall wildflowers and trees at pinnacle point couple standing close by evergreens and colorful trees on cloudy fall day atop overlook couple standing close looking in opposite directions among trees on large rock at pinnacle point couple hugging smiling atop large rock lookout with fall foliage and river below in holtwood pennsylvania guy kissing girl and hugging tightly atop pinnacle point on colorful fall day in lancaster pennsylvania couple kissing atop rock lookout with colorful trees behind them on cloudy day couple hugging atop large rock lookout at pinnacle point on colorful fall day in central pennsylvania engagement ring displayed on golden fall leaves guy twirls girl in grass at pinnacle point above river and trees couple plays with their puppy on cloudy fall day atop grassy lookout point couple snuggles holding puppy at pinnacle point on cloudy colorful fall day in holtwood pennyslvania



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