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Chilly Winter Engagement Session at Overlook Park

Jan 13, 2021

COVID. Most people consider this word a huge negative, but there are a few that consider it a blessing in one way or another.

Two of those people are Ashley and Iain.

To them, COVID was sort of a blessing. Which is a crazy way to think about it. They two started dating the weekend before the world shut down.
They had known each other from church for awhile, but it took them a good bit of time to build up the courage to talk to each other. But once they finally did, they were pretty much inseparable. Especially once the pandemic was in full swing!

Dates consisted of walks, walks…. and more walks!

To Ashley and Iain, it was perfect. They loved hiking, and since they really couldn’t do anything else, adventuring on new trails was their new favorite thing. They got to know each other so well because they would walk for miles each time. Learning the ins and outs of the other person each step of the way.

So you may be wondering why COVID was a positive time in their lives.

Sure, they started dating right before it happened, but that can’t be the only thing, right? Correct! Not only did they start dating in 2020, but they got engaged during this crazy pandemic as well! Iain drove Ashley to Princeton for a new view for their walk. As they came up to the main staircase, Iain got down on one knee and proposed to Ashley in the most romantic way. He said it to her in Portuguese/Spanish, the perfect way for their relationship.

It was one of the easiest yeses for Ashley!

And now, they are planning their May 2021 wedding during this pandemic. So for them, I’d say this past year may be one of the best!
Ashley and Iain, you two are so joyful and lighthearted. I absolutely loved my time getting to know you guys and cracking up the entire way through the session at Overlook Park! I can’t wait to celebrate with you in May at all the beautiful locations in New Jersey. Now it’s my turn to road trip to you! I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from the session. I can’t wait for you to relive every moment of it once your gallery is ready soon!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

couple stands close together smiling between rows of tall pine trees at park couple walking between rows of pine trees locking arms smiling at overlook park couple stands close with guy on left and girl on right on sunny winter afternoon couple's backs to camera as girl rests head on guy's shoulder at overlook park beautiful engagement ring displayed with engaged couple guy twirls girl as she fans out her dress between rows of evergreen trees on sunny afternoon in lancaster pennsylvania close up photo of guy rest his face against girl as they both smile in lancaster pennsylvania couple joins hands leaning apart from each other by trees with sun setting at overlook park diamond engagement ring displayed in tree stump during engagement session guy looks at camera standing behind girl who's looking at him smiling in tall winter grasses at overlook park couple stands close together smiling on sunny winter afternoon in tall grasses couple faces each other with hands joined together in tall winter grasses with farmhouse in the distance in lancaster pennsylvania couple looking at each other smiling with arms wrapped around each other by tall grasses at overlook park girl smiles at guy holding his hand while he smiles at camera in grass field in lancaster pennsylvania engaged couple smiles and stands close together in field of tall grasses on winter afternoon couple walks away from camera as girl glances back smiling holding hands with guy at overlook park



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