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Best of 2020 Engagement Sessions

Jan 28, 2021

The engagement session.

You may ask at first, what is the point of an engagement session. Do I need to have it in my wedding package? Is it worth it? My easy answer to this is YES!! They are so important!

I can’t express enough how important they are!

Honestly, they are my favorite photography session I provide. I absolutely love meeting my couple before the wedding day and creating a close connection with them during our time together. But not only is it beneficial to me, it is so helpful for my couple to feel comfortable as well.

It’s basically a test run for your wedding day!

We will go through how I pose and what angles are best to make you look the most flattering. It also allows my couples to feel comfortable in front of the lens together. By the end of every session, my couples basically forget there even is a camera. They are just excited to be laughing and hanging out together and getting to know me!

Can’t you see why they’re my favorite sessions?

Oh, and don’t let me forget, you get gorgeous photos of the two of you from the session. A full gallery of all the moments captured so that you can hang them in your house, use them on your save-the-dates, or even create a guestbook for your guests to sign at the wedding! There are so many opportunities! Also, let me ask you a question. When was the last time you two got dressed up and had professional photos taken? I’m going to guess most of you said not in a long time, or potentially never!

You deserve to have this photos to document your relationship!

And the best part? They are complimentary in all of my wedding collections! That’s how important I think they are! I want you to get to your wedding day and not be nervous at all about how you look! You’ll already know you look incredible because of those engagement photos! It will all come right back to you, so you can fully enjoy and feel confident throughout your entire wedding!
Still not sure? Take a look at my favorite images from my 2020 engagement sessions! I am so blessed to be a part of each of these couples’ journeys and so honored to capture their love! I can’t wait for my next engagement session, but in the meantime, I may be scrolling through these photos several times! I just can’t get over how amazing each of them are!
If you are one of these couples, I’m sending you the biggest hug! You make my job more amazing than I could have ever imagined! Thank you for making 2020 so incredible, even in such a crazy year!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

guy twirling couple in red dress in front of National Arch in Valley Forge Best of 2020 Engagement Sessions couple standing in front of yellow building, holding hands at top of stairs engagement session at a tall grass field in summer couple kissing it end of dock on a pond in the fall couple walking with arms around each other smiling at each other engagement session at Overlook Park among pine tree grove couple kissing while standing at overlook at Pinnacle Point Best of 2020 Engagement Sessions Pittsburgh engagement session with couple all snuggled up in front of fountain York College Engagement Session couple sitting and facing pond, with girl looking at camera over her shoulder Pittsburgh engagement session with puppy girl smiling over shoulder while guy smiles and rests forehead on her temple couple smiling, walking up stairs in Lancaster City engagement session at Hibernia Park in front of lake couple sitting in tall grasses with guy pulling her close and resting foreheads together Best of 2020 Engagement Sessions girl holding onto guy from behind and he is smiling at her while she smiles at the camera Engagement Session in Ellicott City walking through the streets Girl in flowy red dress smiling down towards hand as guy holds her hand from behind smiling at her

Engagement Session at National Arch in Valley Forge, PA couple walking smiling at each other along edge of tall grass field Best of 2020 Engagement Sessions couple resting foreheads together smiling with arms wrapped around Engagement Session at Overlook Park in Lancaster, PA guy leaning up against trunk with girl leaning against him and foreheads touching engagement session ring on wild grasses Summer engagement session where couple has arms around each other smiling couple smiling before a kiss while girl wraps arm around guys Winter Engagement at Nolde Forest guy has arms wrapped around girl nuzzling into her temple as she is smiling at the camera Overlook Park engagement session with girl in white t-shirt and guy in navy blue shirt girl leaning up against brick wall and guy leaning against her with foreheads touching Best of 2020 Engagement Sessions close up photo of couple holding hands couple kissing in front of cream archway door in brick building at Ellicott City Best of 2020 Engagement Sessions guy twirling girl in middle of grass meadow couple sitting with foreheads touching in front of light blue door and stone house Best of 2020 Engagement Sessions couple holding hands and facing each other smile at National Arch guy dipping girl with floral blue dress in middle of field Best of 2020 Engagement Sessions winter engagement session with girl wearing snow hat and guy giving her a kiss on the cheek Summer engagement session at Hibernia Park Couple standing in doorway of white door holding hands smiling at each other couple twirling in middle of cobblestone road with brick buildings on either side Engagement session at York College couple sitting along fountain in Pittsburgh Best of 2020 Engagement Sessions couple wrapped up in blanket standing at end of dock at a lake, guy giving her a kiss on the cheek Best of 2020 Engagement Sessions couple standing on rock overlooking Susquehanna River with guy kissing her on the cheek Best of 2020 Engagement Sessions couple kissing in front of lake wrapped up in blanket engaged couple standing in wooded area during winter all wrapped up


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