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Vibrant Elizabeth Furnace Engagement Session

Oct 19, 2021

Vibrant Elizabeth Furnace Engagement Session

I love to let my couples choose the location for their engagement sessions. It lets them pick a place that is comfortable for them or is significant to their relationship. Such as, if they enjoy the outdoors, then they may pick a park or lake. Or if they love walking around the city and going to the central market, we may do their session downtown around that specific area.

It’s an easy way for me to get to know them better and to let their unique relationship shine through.

Not often, actually ever, has my couple chosen their venue to do their engagement photos at. I have always thought that was such a fun idea. Then you get to be at the venue you chose more than just the one time on your wedding day. Plus, when your venue has so many photo opportunities, it allows you to be creative and get tons of variety. I was so excited when Katie and Alec chose their wedding venue for their vibrant Elizabeth Furnace engagement session.

It is one of my new favorite venues!

The photo locations are seriously endless at Elizabeth Furnace. I feel like we barely scratched the surface. Their galleries between engagement session and wedding day will barely overlap! This venue is seriously stunning and so unique. We started out in their terraced gardens. Katie wore a beautiful red flowy dress that had tons of white flowers all over it. She fit in perfectly with the setting. Alec complemented her perfectly with a light blue shirt and navy pants.

It was a scene out of a romance novel.

As they held hands walking through the gardens, Katie’s dress lightly fluttered behind her, and Alec couldn’t take his eyes off her. The setting was perfect. Then we headed outside the gardens to the stone buildings that lined the grounds. The two of them popped off the background while still complementing the red in the barns.

I seriously could have stayed there with them for hours!

About halfway through the session, Katie and Alec changed into a little more comfier outfit choice. Both in jeans with sweaters on. Perfect for the fall weather that was in the air. They also brought along a bag of goodies. One on them in particularly was a perfect addition for the vibrant Elizabeth Furnace engagement session.

Let me give a little back story first…

Katie and Alec absolutely love breweries. It is one of their favorite things to do together when they have a free evening. Trying new beers is at the top of their list and was even one of their favorite dates together. No two beers are alike,and they love seeing which they both enjoy together and which ones the other can’t stand. So along with them, they brought two mugs from a bar they are members at and one of their favorite beers from there.

It was so fitting!

I love when my couples bring pieces of who they are to tie into their session. It makes it unique to them. So we of course had to grab some shots of them enjoying a few sips. Plus, the rest of the session, they got to drink along the way.

It’s a win-win, if you ask me!

Katie and Alec, it was so amazing getting to know you two! You guys are so much fun, and I loved hearing your stories and details about your wedding day as it comes together! So glad I have someone else I can relate to when it comes to our colleges being no more. I seriously can’t wait to be with you two again next year back at the beautiful Elizabeth Furnace! Thank goodness we have a whole day there next time because your engagement session was just too short!

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites in the meantime 🙂

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engaged couple holding hands facing each other on sunny fall evening on manicured lawn by beautiful flowerbed guy standing behind girl with his arms wrapped around her shoulders by historic building on sunny evening at elizabeth furnace guy standing behind girl looking down at her and smiling on sunny fall day in pennsylvania couple holding hands walking towards camera with girl wearing long red dress and flaring it out with right hand and guy wearing light blue dress shirt and dark pants at elizabeth furnace couple sitting close together on concrete steps outdoors at beautiful historical property with their foreheads touching on sunny fall evening couple seating on concrete steps with guy behind girl and both smiling and look at camera at elizabeth furnace in lititz pennsylvania engaged couple walking side by side along pathway as girl looks up at guy on sunny fall evening at beautifully manicured property engaged couple holding hands and looking in opposite directions while standing on dirt pathway with historical stone barn behind them in lancaster pennsylvania engaged couple hugging as guy dips girl backwards with historical stone barn with red door behind them on sunny evening engaged couple holding hands walking towards camera and guy smiles and girl looks up at him holding her dress with right hand at elizabeth furnace engaged couple standing close with guy slightly behind girl as they kiss on sunny fall evening with historical stone barn behind them engaged couple standing in field surrounded by plants as girl holds onto guy's left arm and looks up at him at elizabeth furnace in lititz pennsylvania beautiful diamond engagement ring resting atop the long green leaf of a plant in central pennsylvania girl wearing coze purple sweater and holding onto guy's left arm who's wearing tan sweater and looking off into the distance at elizabeth furnace engaged couple hugging and kissing while standing in field of plants on sunny fall evening close up photo of couple each holding glass of beer as they tap their glasses together at elizabeth furnace in lancaster pennsylvania engaged couple standing close and almost kissing along pathway beside farm field with bright sky behind them on fall evening guy hugging girl with his left hand on her right cheek and resting forehead against her left temple as she smiles at camera in field at elizabeth furnace engaged couple walking along dirt pathway by field with their arms wrapped around each other's backs and they look at each other on sunny fall evening engaged couple facing each other kissing while standing on dirt path between two fields of plants at elizabeth furnace in lititz pennsylvania girl standing behind guy as they hold hands and she looks up at him smiling as he's smiling at the camera with red barn behind them engaged couple kissing with girl wrapping her hands around the back of guy's neck with red barn behind them at elizabeth furnace


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  1. Kristen Querciagrossa says:

    Great job capturing the fun and loving nature of these two beautiful people! Looking forward to next fall!

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