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Fall Middle Creek Wildlife Senior Session

Oct 20, 2021

Fall Middle Creek Wildlife Senior Session

Bear with me for the start of this one. I promise it will come full circle soon! My mom is one of my biggest supporters. Always reading my blogs, asking how my sessions went, adding my events to her calendar, so she can keep track. Plus constantly sharing my posts, so her friends can see everything as well!

Seriously, she is the best word-of-mouth!

So there are often times I get inquiries from people that know my mom in one way or the other. I seriously can’t thank her enough for that. Sometimes it’s for weddings, but recently, it was been for senior sessions. Danielle has worked with my mom for years, and one day, she saw my mom post about my senior session availability this Fall. Instantly, she reached out to get more information because her son is a 2022 senior. She didn’t want to miss the chance of working with me.

Seriously, the sweetest compliment!

I had met Danielle maybe once or twice before, but like all of my moms coworkers, they have known me since I was little. I was excited for the chance to catch up and also meet her son. So the date was set right away, and the location was picked for Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area. One of my favorites during this time of year. Leading up to the session, I was a little unsure. Sometimes guys can really not love photos and only be doing it because their mom made them. Those are the tricky sessions.

That wasn’t the case for Cody!

Sure he was a little shy to start, but that is to be expected. I’m still shy when I get in front of the camera at first. It didn’t take long, though, for him to relax and just enjoy the session. His laughter is contagious and with his family around to joke with him, the session was such a breeze! I honestly couldn’t believe how quickly it went!

Time flies by when you’re having fun!

The location was perfect for Cody’s personality. Fun, outgoing, adventurous. Plus, he loves to work with his hands, so the nature setting fit so well with who he was! And his outfits were filled with so much variety while still being true to him. He seriously maximized his Fall Middle Creek Wildlife senior session to the fullest! Cody, I hope you have an incredible time in college. Never loose that bright smile of yours or your outgoing personality.

It will take you far!

Danielle, thanks so much for reaching out! It was so great to meet the whole family and catch up with you. My mom is probably just as excited to see these photos as I’m sure you are! Enjoy!!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

senior guy wearing bright blue dress shirt with tie and khaki pants standing in grass with hands in pockets smiling senior guy with his hands in his pockets standing in grass by field with his body facing right at middle creek wildlife senior guy leaning against tree with leaves changing colors on fall day in pennsylvania close up photo of senior guy crouching down not looking at the camera and smiling in the grass by field senior guy wearing flannel shirt and blue jeans standing by wild bushes with his arms folded in front of him smiling at camera senior guy looking left walking towards camera with his right hand in his jean's pocket on fall day at middle creek wildlife in lancaster pennsylvania senior guy wearing blue and tan flannel shirt with baseball hat on sitting on large rock by the water on fall day senior guy holding onto middle of his flannel shirt with his right hand smiling with body of water behind him on fall day at middle creek wildlife senior guy crouching down along the shore with pond behind him on cloudy fall day in pennsylvania senior guy sitting on large rock with his hands folded in front of him smiling with trees behind him at middle creek wildlife in lititz pennsylvania senior guy standing along shore on small stones with his hands in his pockets and water and trees behind him at middle creek wildlife senior guy sitting on rock on right side of photo with body of water behind him on cloudy fall day in lancaster pennsylvania senior guy wearing black under armour hoodie and blue jeans with baseball hat standing on rocks by water on cloudy day


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