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Gorgeous White Cliffs of Conoy Senior Session

Sep 22, 2021

Gorgeous White Cliffs of Conoy Senior Session

When a bridesmaid from one of your weddings is a senior this year, you cross your fingers that they reach out for a session with you! Then when the inquiry comes, you literally jump for joy around the house!

Yep! That perfectly explains my reaction towards Bryna’s Senior session!

Bryna is the daughter of one of my #hmpcouples and was also one of the bridesmaids at their wedding. She was so fun to get to know throughout the wedding day and just the sweetest. Sometimes even checking to see if I needed anything. Seriously the best! So when I found out that she was about to be a senior, I just thought in my head how fun it would be to work with her again. Not only would I get to catch up with the family, but I’d get to photograph yet another important milestone in their lives!

It is seriously such a blessing to be a part of my couple’s lives on their most special day and even after for other milestones!

So, as mentioned above, I was super excited when they wanted to get the session on the calendar! Especially when I found out that she wanted it to be a White Cliffs of Conoy senior session! This place is absolutely stunning. Covered in white limestone; this place is a photographer’s dream! And the one thing we as photographers can’t control, but it totally worked in our favor, was the stunning fall weather we had!

It was a picture perfect sunset!

If you haven’t been to the White Cliffs of Conoy, you have to go. I will warn you though, there is a 1.5 mile walk to get there. I absolutely love this time because whether it’s a senior or a couple, I really have the chance to get to know them during that time. Bryna filled me in on all her sports teams she is a part of and how they’re doing. She filled me in on the colleges she is looking at!

This girl has a very bright future ahead of her!

Plus, I got to catch up a little with Naomi and Shawn, my HMP couple, and their other daughter. They are seriously so proud of who Bryna has become and all that is ahead of her. Bryna is seriously so down to earth and outgoing. There never was a quiet moment the entire walk to the location or back.

I loved the chance to catch up with them all!

Okay, now to talk about Bryna’s outfits because she nailed it! She started out in a pair of jeans with a fun top. Perfect for a casual fun outfit that lets us do some fun sitting shots, as well as standing shots. Plus, she brought along her varsity jacket to easily switch up the outfit slightly, without taking time from her session. Sports are so important to her, so I loved that she incorporated it into her session! Then, she changed over to end the session in the cutest light green dress.

Just wait till you see it!

It was super flowy and perfect for adding movement in the photos. I just love the variety in her two outfits. One a little dressier, and the other more causal! Your senior session is a time to show off who you are in that stage of life. So wear outfits you feel most comfortable in and show your personality!

It also lets you relax during the session, knowing that you are looking good!! 😉

Bryna, thank you so much for choosing me as your senior photographer! It was so fun catching up with you and having the chance to capture these images! I have a feeling I may see you again soon, and seriously can’t wait!! You and your family are just the sweetest! Now, get to scrolling to see some of my absolute favorites!

It was insanely hard to choose because they are all SO GOOD!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

senior girl with left hand on hip angled toward camera but looking off to the side smiling with bright sunlight, trees, and river behind her senior girl wearing sage green tank top and blue jeans standing atop the white cliffs of canoy in lancaster pennsylvania senior girl walking on huge rock towards camera with right hand on hip and sun shining behind her on summer evening senior girl walking along white cliffs of canoy looking over left shoulder and smiling on bright summer evening in lancaster pennsylvania closeup of senior girl with left hand on right shoulder and right hand on left hip smiling at camera senior girl sitting on large rock with right knee bent and right hand on knee as she smiles and looks over left shoulder in lancaster pennsylvania senior girl crouching down with right elbow on right knee and right fist under chin as she smiles at camera senior girl sitting on rock facing camera with hands holding knees on summer evening at white cliffs of canoy senior girl facing camera smiling with right hand on right neck and left hand resting under right elbow standing on white rock senior girl with hands in jean pockets and left ankle crossed over right ankle standing on white cliff with trees behind her in lancaster pennsylvania senior girl wearing garden spot varsity jacket and jeans with back towards camera as she looks back over left shoulder standing on white rocks senior girl sitting on white cliffs of canoy looking down over right shoulder smiling with legs slightly bent in lancaster pennsylania senior girl wearing sage color summer flowy dress standing on white rock along the river with tree behind her senior girl standing along susquehanna river on white rock edge looking out over river with hands in her dress pockets in lancaster pennsylvania senior girl walking along river's edge on white cliffs smiling at camera with trees behind her on sunny summer evening senior girl standing along edge of susquehanna river with white cliffs of canoy mountainside jutting up beside her as she looks over left shoulder senior girls smiling at camera with left hand on left shoulder and right hand resting under left elbow on bright summer evening near river senior girl standing atop white cliffs of canoy with susquehanna river behind her as she wears her varity jacket overtop her summer dress



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