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Drizzly Downtown Lititz Senior Session

Sep 14, 2021

Drizzly Downtown Lititz Senior Session

The date was set her Brynn’s downtown Lititz senior session, and the forecast was looking clear all evening! Finally a session without clouds and potential rain.

Or so we thought!

As I’m heading to the session, I start noticing off to the west that the sky is getting a bit darker. Each time, I look back it seems to be getting a little closer. I keep trying shrug it off, like it will miss us, but I can’t stop watching it the entire way. As soon as I get to the location, I pull up my phone, and the forecast has completely shifted to 100% rain at 6:00pm.

The exact time our session is supposed to begin.

As soon as Brynn gets there, I let hers know, and she has the most relaxed attitude about it! She is confident that it will just blow over quickly and is totally fine if we have to take a quick break to let it run its course. I totally need her optimistic attitude in my life more often!

We did just that!

We started the session at the beautiful Lititz Springs Park, and only got about five minutes in before the skies opened up. But just as Brynn thought, it only rained for about ten minutes, and we were back out shooting again. As if nothing ever happened! Just a few more puddles on the ground!

Brynn is one of the easiest seniors I have ever worked with!

She was so excited for her session right from the start. Definitely not always the common feeling from my seniors when they start their session. Brynn was also so friendly. We instantly picked up a conversation, and I think it only paused when she had to smile for a photo. She is just so easy to chat with. And for her wanting to be teacher for her career, those people-person skills are perfect!

She is going to do incredible in her years to come!

For the second half of the session, Brynn changed into the cutest coral flowy shirt with fun tan pants! The outfit was perfect for her personality. Plus, the sun finally broke through the clouds that were lingering from the quick rain shower and lit up the leaves around her so beautifully!

It was a stunning sight!

We seriously had the best time exploring Lititz together and capturing all these amazing photos for her senior year! I am so excited to now watch as Brynn gets ready to start a new chapter in her life! I know she is going to move mountains and impact so many kids’ lives! I definitely would want her as my teacher! Brynn, thank you so much for reaching out to me for your senior photos. It was such a joy meeting you and getting to know you! I seriously feel like we have been friends for years! Have an incredible rest of your senior year, and enjoy some of my favorites from your session!

There are so many more good ones to come from your downtown Lititz Senior session!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

senior girl with left hand touching left shoulder and right hand holding left elbow smiling at camera on overcast summer evening senior girl with left shoulder toward camera and hand on hip with left knee bent along stream at lititz springs park senior girl smiling and holding edges of her flowy dress beside stream near stone bridge senior girl walking along pathway toward camera as she looks toward her right near bridge at lititz springs park senior girl standing along pathway with right shoulder toward camera near water at lititz springs park senior girl standing on stone path tucking her hair behind her left ear with her left hand on rainy evening senior girl smiling with her right shoulder towards camera and her hands joined behind her back along stone path at lititz springs park senior girl walking along stone path by puddles on rainy evening as she holds the edges of her dress in lititz senior girl leaning right shoulder against brick building and holding her hands together as she smiles senior girl leaning against red brick building smiling at lititz springs park on summer evening senior girl leaning against brick building with right hand resting against her neck as she smiles senior girl in flowy dress standing by old clock outside historic wilbur chocolate factory building in lititz pennsylvania senior girl smiling at camera with hands on hips and her head tilted back by wrought iron fence and white garage senior girl standing in road with left side angled toward camera by black iron fence and tree in downtown lititz pennsylvania senior girl standing in road and turning around as she smiles at camera with large tree behind her senior girl in front of tan building with white doors and white columns with left side angled toward camera in lititz pennsylvania senior girl standing outside front doors of historic building with left side of her body towards camera on summer evening senior girl posing with her left side and shoulder angled towards camera with left hand on hip in lititz pennsylvania senior girl standing in small white double door frame of historic stone building on summer evening closeup photo of senior girl leaning against historic building in downtown lititz pennsylvania with her right hand on her neck as she smiles senior girl walking along sidewalk with left hand in pocket as she smiles at camera senior girl wearing coral flowy shirt and white jeans leaning against ivory colored building on summer evening


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