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Sunny Founders Hall Senior Session

Aug 27, 2021

Sunny Founders Hall Senior Session

#GOALS is all I can say about this sunny Founders Hall Senior session! Just wait till you see it because you are absolutely going to agree!

I don’t even know if explaining it in this blog post will do it justice!

Abbey is one of my 2022 Senior Spokesmodels, and she set the bar high for the rest of the year. But before I go crazy on how she raised the bar, let me first explain how I know Abbey. Some of you may know, but I used to coach volleyball at a club in my area. I had done it for four years, and Abbey was playing at that club all four years as well. She was on the national team for the age group I coached and is an incredible setter! It has been fun to watch her grow on the court. Although we were at the same club, we didn’t chat too much because she was never on the team I coached and practice times were different. So when she applied for the senior spokesmodel team, I was so excited to finally get a chance to know her off the court!

I am so glad we finally had that chance!

She is so sweet and down to earth and easy to talk to. Her whole senior session was nonstop chatting between the two of us and her mom. I loved it! Okay, now for the part about how she crushed her session! Abbey stepped out of the car in the cutest outfit! Plus, she had a hat to accessorize with it!!

I can’t tell you how important accessories are when it comes to Senior sessions.

It creates so much variety in your gallery without even having to change your clothes! So to instantly have a hat with her first outfit, I knew we were in for a great session! The white columns at Founders Hall made her pop straight off the background!

Potentially one of my favorite looks to date!

From there every outfit just kept getting better. Each telling a different part of who she is during this stage of life. Not only did she bring one hat, but she also brought another hat plus her varsity volleyball jacket! So much variety!! I probably could have photographed her for two more hours and not run out of photo options!!

Hence the #goals for this sunny Founders Hall senior session!

I am so glad that this is only the beginning of our time together! I can’t wait to get her back in front of my camera in a few weeks. Once you see her sneak peeks below, I know you’ll agree! Abbey, I don’t know how you are ever going to choose a favorite!!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

senior girl wearing black v-neck dress with trendy black hat standing beside large white columns senior girl in black dress and black hat walking by large white pillars at founders hall in hershey pennsylvania senior girl leaning against white column with her arms folded as she smiles at camera senior girl in black dress and hat leaning against large white column at founders hall in hershey pennsylvania senior girl wearing red floral long dress standing by large white pillars on sunny summer evening senior girl in red floral dress standing atop concrete structure with hands on hips and trees behind her senior girl sitting on white concrete steps with legs stretched out on stairs on bright sunny evening senior girl in long red floral dress standing in grass lawn with row of trees behind her at founders hall close up photo of senior girl with her right hand resting on her right shoulder on lawn at founders hall in hershey pennsylvania close up of senior girl in colorful floral top looking over her right shoulder with her right hand on left shoulder at founders hall senior girl standing in manicured grass lawn in floral top and white ripped jeans on sunny summer night close up photo of senior girl sitting among blooming hosta plants and smiling at founders hall in hershey pennsylvania senior girl sitting on pathway beside blooming hosta plants looking over right shoulder with left arm resting on bent left leg senior girl walking along walkway with tall building behind her and tall grasses to her right senior girl leaning against brick building and smiling at camera at founders hall in hershey pennsylvania senior girl leaning against brick building with arms folded and legs crosses on sunny evening senior girl wearing black tube top, jeans, and a white cowboy hat standing at founders hall in hershey pennsylvania senior girl wearing Central York high school varsity jacket standing on walkway with building behind her on sunny summer evening close up photo of senior girl wearing white cowboy hat with her right hand tipping the hat as she smiles in hershey pennsylvania senior girl sitting on brick walkway wearing white cowboy hat on sunny summer evening with buildings behind her


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