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Joyful Overlook Park Senior Session

Aug 18, 2021

Joyful Overlook Park Senior Session

Joyful is an understatement when it comes to describing Sarah or her joyful Overlook Park Senior Session. It may be one of my favorites, in regards to watching a senior just fully open up by the end of the session. She started out a little timid as we kicked it off, but by the end, I felt like I was really getting to know her, and the conversations were great!

Sarah is one very sweet person!

She is a graduate of York Central High School. Yep, you read that right. She has already conquered her senior year and is getting ready to start her first week of college at MIT! We did her session back in May as she was wrapping up her final year. Let me tell you, she was excited for the next chapter in her life to begin.

So I can’t imagine her excitement now as she is so close to that next chapter.

For her session, Sarah wanted a location that was filled with tons of variety and natural. Instantly, I thought of Overlook Park. It is one of my favorites and provides so much variety in just one session. We can easily go from a pine tree grove to a tall wheat field and then hop over to an open wild grass field.

The options are endless!

Add that, plus the incredible outfits Sarah chose, and you have a perfect senior session! She did a bit of the session in her college shirt to express her excitement about her acceptance; and then, completed the rest of the session in a few different dresses! All ones that I absolutely loved on her! They each showed off her personality in a different way!

The best way to highlight who she was during her senior year!

I always recommend doing a few different outfits so that you truly make the most of the session and your gallery is full of variety! It’s a win-win! One thing I’m super excited about is that her younger sister is now one of my 2022 Senior Spokesmodels! Even more fun with this family! I can only imagine how great it is going to be at her sister’s session, after having such an incredible one with Sarah!

Bring on all the sibling Senior sessions!

Sarah, I am so excited to see what’s ahead for you! It was so fun spending the evening with you and getting to know you! Have so much fun at college and playing a sport there! You will love it!!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

senior girl in red MIT tshirt and blue jeans standing among pine tree grove at overlook park senior girl with hands in her jean pockets smiling among row of pine trees on sunny summer night senior girl leaning against pine tree with right leg bent and propped against tree at overlook park senior girl posing with left shoulder towards camera and hands on hips as she smiles at camera near pine tree grove senior girl in white spaghetti strap dress with left hand on hip standing among tall wild grasses at overlook park in lancaster pennsylvania senior girl standing with back towards camera among tall grasses with sun poking through trees behind her on summer evening senior girl using her right arm to tuck hair behind her left ear on sunny evening by tall grasses at overlook park senior girl looking back over right shoulder smiling near willow tree on sunny summer evening senior girl sitting on the grass by tall grasses smiling at camera on sunny evening at overlook park closeup photo of senior girl looking up at camera smiling as she sits by tall wild grasses at overlook park senior girl in navy blue sleeveless dress looking back over left should as she walks through dry tall grasses at overlook park senior girl standing by dry tall wild grasses looking over shoulder smiling on a sunny summer evening senior girl with left arm over stomach and right hand touching left shoulder smiling as she looks at camera senior girl with left hand resting against left ear as her right shoulder is toward camera smiles on sunny night at overlook park senior girl with right arm crossed over chest smiling at camera with grain bin and tall grasses behind her in lancaster pennsylvania senior girl wearing black long-sleeved v-neck dress standing by tree on sunny night at overlook park senior girl standing near tree branches with bright sun shining behind her as she smiles at camera at overlook park senior girl standing in grass by library building on sunny summer evening with right leg bent back at overlook park senior girl standing in wildflower field with arms crossed on sunny summer evening at overlook park in lancaster pennsylvania



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